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Today is the first week since January I don't have a Magpie Monday post ready to go, but don't worry there will be another one next week, I intend to continue them as I enjoy them!! I do have an update though.... Bit of a long post....  Hope you're sitting comfortably.

Over the last month I have posted swatches every other day whilst waiting on breaks growing out, I thought I would do a brief update post on what's been happening in that time! All photos in this post are phone pics, no proper lighting or camera, probably zero colour accuracy!)

Things I have been loving.... 
Thermal polishes, especially my Liquid Sky Lacquer holo and thermal polishes! Even with my nubbins they have still worked really well! (Imagine pictures here, I don't have any :/ )

I have been having fun trying my Girly Bits polishes over different bases, one week I wore Cosmic Ocean over a different base colour each day! I managed to buy Shift Happens so I have worn that a few ways too!  I did photograph two Cosmic Ocean combinations on my phone, below over Mentality Hero and a Beauty UK green polish. I have layered this over pink, purple and burgundy too.

I have enjoyed doing my nails and not setting up the lightbox beforehand! The dotted flowers below had glequin centres.

I have started to enjoy polishes which need to be layered, I have the new Picture Polish limited editions which look amazing over black, as I mentioned above the Girly Bits have been used a lot recently too.  I used to hate having to layer, I have Sally Hansen polishes I haven't touched for about two years due to this but now I am enjoying trying new combinations so may revisit them soon!! Below are Picture Polishes thumb Gravity, index Aurora, middle Solar Flare, ring Altered State, little finger Illlusionist. This was a quick pic at a bus stop in some early morning sunshine.

Cinderella left hand in fingerless gloves!

Linking in with the polishes shown above, I have been enjoying wearing duochromatic and multichromatic polishes! From what I have seen, the newest additions by Girly Bits, ILNP and Dance Legend are all quite similar, I recall seeing on Facebook where three of us had the same colour nail polish but each from a different brand. I only have Girly Bits polishes. I don't like trying to photograph these shade shifters as I can always see more colours than the lens! The new polishes seem to have much more movement that my older duochromes, Where is the Party by Essence and Indigo Illusion by Nubar.

Things I have not been loving.... 
This has been a tough couple of weeks for hubby, he has had a bout of vertigo and looks like a drunk when he walks. The first medications didn't work very well, but new drugs seem to be working better now so fingers crossed he will "sober" up soon!  Around the time the vertigo started I came out in a weird rash, it went across my body really quickly and oddly (but thankfully)  left my face alone. I was told it was an allergy and given some antihistamines to take which left me like a space cadet!

Polish wise I bought the Dollish Polish Valentines set. I intended to swatch these before my breaks but the thermal which was in the set didn't change colour. I wasn't alone with this issue, there was a thread in one of the groups I am a member of on Facebook and I believe a dozen others were affected. Dolly replaced the bottles. I believe her thermal pigment must be different to every other thermal I own. At present I have two sittng side by side, Dollish and Liquid Sky Lacquer. The LSL in the bottle is in it's cool colour and will turn warm the moment I apply it. The Dollish is at the warm colour as it is in the house. To turn the Dollish cool, I have to sit it in the freezer for 30 seconds and it slowly changes. I haven't really loved the Valentines set, swatched it on sticks and have no immediate desire to use it.

I have not been loving the furry beast of a cat as much as normal over the last couple of weeks, he has become quite mean to me, trying to bite me and wanting to swipe at me everytime I pass him.  Hubby reckons he sees it as a game and that I shouldn't react.  The cat loves me carrying him about too so maybe he's hoping to be picked up?

Don't be fooled by the butter wouldn't melt face!

My Cat From Hell candidate in waiting, Jackson Galaxy please come to the UK soon.

Polishes I have bought....
I haven't bought quite as many polishes recently, I do have all of the new Picture Polishes, I have picked up a couple of holos from Debbie Crumpet when she destashed her holo box and listed some in a nail sale group on Facebook.  I also bought a couple of Color Club holos from TNBL.  Recently Annette of Rainbow Connection has listed some discount codes on the RC Facebook page, i used one of those to pick up a thermal Liquid Sky Lacquer and a Girly  Bits.  I have also watched the Avengers Assemble again at the weekend ready to swatch the new R&R Lacquers polishes I bought from their Etsy store.  I have had them almost a week and not yet hd chance to swatch them.  They look amazing and what a fab theme, can't wait for part 2, hope to see Thor and Loki in there.

Things I am looking forwards to trying....
 I have read amazing reviews of Pure Nail Oil, the naked 3 day challenge and seen some of the results people have had.  My usual SpaRitual nail oil was running low so I picked it up from Amazon (dunno why, should have gone straight to SpaRitual...) and I wsa actually sent cuticle remover by the seller.  I took this as a sign and ordered the Pure Nail Oil to try it.  I am really looking forwards to it and even considering ordering a 4oz bottle even though I don't have my 15ml bottle yet.  I haven't seen a bad review.   I still dearly love my CutiCocktail, but really want to try Pure Nail Oil.  I am so excited by the reviews of Pure Nail Oil that I even registered for an affiliate link!

I am also looking forwards to trying the R&R Lacquers I mentioned above.  I have bought some MoYou stamping plates so want to try these out too!  The new Barry M Silks, Aquarium and Gelly polishes have evaded me, but if I find them I want to try them out.

Plans for next few weeks.....
I have a giveaway planned.  The giveaway idea is a bit different and involves some guess work.  I have been waiting on one last box coming, once that's with me it can go live!

I realised I have had a bad run on challenges so I am going to avoid any type of ongoing challenge unless I have lots of time to prep ahead.  I managed a small amount of the 33DC in October 2013  before my shoulder injury got in the way.  I managed day one of the Ab Fab challenge, then life got in the way, I got half way through the Nail Art a Go Go and dropped out.  I did do all of the 31DC back in January 2013, but had prepped that almost entirely in December.

I have been very swatch heavy recently so my aim is more nail art.   I love have my Magpie Mondays, Tri-Polish Tuesdays and Golden Oldie Thursdays, it gives me a general structure to follow, but not tied too much to a theme like with a challenge.  I quite enjoyed posting every other day over the last month and a while ago I declared I wouldn't fall into the "slaving to meet a daily post routine" again and then slipped back into it posting daily and sighing as I set up the light box.  Polish is my hobby and a passion, I don't want it being a chore.  So if I slip into every other day posts or the odd extra one here and there then so be it.  But every single day seems a big ask, if I end up posting again dailly please be aware I may end up going back to every other day again soon!!

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