Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Dance Legend Sahara Texture Top Coat

I've been meaning to write this post up for a couple of weeks!

Warning! This post contains crappy mobile photos!

A couple of weeks ago I purchased my first Dance Legend polishes from Rainbow Connection.  Rather than get a gorgeous holo, an amazing thermal or stunning multichrome, what did I get....?  A texture top coat and an Aqua Base!  I have to say I can't wait to try their normal polishes at some point, but for now I needed an Aqua Base and I love having a variety of special effect  top coats in my stash as they mean I can change the look of normal plain creme polishes!

In today's I have have the Sahara textured top coat.

This came in a plastic package with a lot of writing on it, none of it I understand as they are a Russian company and I don't speak Russian!  I imagine it gave instructions for use on there but I have had to wing it and try it out to see what works.

When I first received the package I tested the Sahara Top Coat over the polish I was wearing as I was planning on doing my nails that night anyway.  Within about half an hour I had amazing texture with a shimmery hint of blue / green.

That night I removed my old mani, sat down and carefully painted my nails with two coats of Duri, a coat of Aqua base, two coats of a OPI Roll In the Hague then cleaned up.  As the polish is a bright orange I added the Aqua Base in there in the hope of avoiding staining - I didn't get stains so it either isn't a staining polish or the extra layer helped :)   After the clean up I took a couple of pictures on my phone of A Roll in the Hague alone, then I added the Dance Legend.  I was a little worried that the orange may taint the brush with it being very fresh, but it didn't drag off at all..... however I didn't get much texture and two hours later when I went to bed my nails took on sheet and hair texture.  Big Fail.

The next day I used OPI No Room For the Blues and then HK Girl.  Once the HK Girl was touch dry, I used the Top Sahara. Result!! I got texture AND it didn't take hours to dry.

I would say texture wise, this top coat is similar to my very first textured polishes which were the Barry M Pastels and Nails Inc Black Leather, smooth textures rather than a rough grainy glitter texture.

I purchased this myself from Rainbow Connection, be sure to like the Facebook page as Annette often has flash voucher codes.

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