Saturday, 12 April 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet: Cinderella Fishtail

I mentioned in my last post that I had joined the FingerFood Theme Buffet, today is my first post - and it was a disasterous fail!

***edit - I even managed to publish this early, face palm, fail!!!***

I last did a fish tail in Oct 2012 - that was a fail.  This time I selected China Glaze For Audrey, Beauty UK Pink Orchid and a-england Her Rose Adagio as I thought they would look ok.  It looked awful as the polish dragged and didn't work.  So I got my 3 stripers and did the look below - only did my left hand as a practice and hated them.  I took the pictures below on my phone, then cleaned it off and did the mani I last posted - a popular dotticure!

I had done some clean up before taking the pictures, but it looks grubby and made worse by the flash on my phone.  Fingers crossed next weeks Goth theme will be better (and have proper pictures!)

The pictures don't look as bad as I remember it looking, but defo not my strongest work!


  1. I like the colors you put together here <3
    I have no clue how my version of a fishtail is going to turn out, since I've never done it before. Kinda dreading the results!

  2. Love your choice of colours ! :)

  3. The colours are great and I like the way it turned out - it reminds me if when you look at the weave in a rope :)


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