Saturday, 5 April 2014

Giveaway Results and the polishes unveiled!

Today I have the winners of the giveaway to announce and the polishes to reveal!

I'm trying to write this on my phone so apologies in advance for any mistyping!

Had to screen shot the Rafflecopter, but if you view the original post the winners are also displayed there.

Polish A was... piCture pOlish Aurora

Polish B was... Pretty & Polished Back to the Fuchsia

Polish C was... China Glaze For Audrey

Polish D was... Zoya Payton

Polish E was... OPI Do You Lilac It?

Polish F was... Mentality Cobbler

Polish G was... Layla Retro Pink

Polish H was... Cirque Batisia

There were some brilliant guesses - even the wrong ones were ones I could understand why they had been guessed and I am delighted that two of the winners are nail bloggers and the other is a regular follower :)

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  1. Well done to the winners, this was a great idea for a giveaway :)


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