Saturday, 19 April 2014

Guest post - Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes

Today's guest is Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes, this mani even made hubby say wow, so this one is something special!

Hello Little Corner Readers!

Charlie from Pocket Money Polishes filling in while Emma works on getting better. I love all of the bright manis that she features so took inspiration from that and got creative.

I started with a base of Leighton Denny Pure White which is a pretty good application as white goes, it is a little thin and takes 2-3 coats for full opacity but I settled for two as I would be covering it up with gradient. Using a small piece of sponge and some cardboard I combined OPI I Just Can't Cope Cabana (yellow), Toucan Do It (orange), Kiss Me I'm Brazilian (pink) from the spring Brazil collection. All of these are lovely bright colours with good applications.

Once this mani was touch dry I added a coat of Barrym Croc Effect in black which unlike crackle needs to go onto barely dry nails for the effect to work and creates a scaley finish. I think I left it slightly to long - as you can see the effect didn't fully come out on my pinky.

I haven't used this polish in nearly a year but the formula is still absolutely fine and it's still very funky. I think it is still available to buy from Barrym or in Boots/Superdrug but it does occasionally appear on nail sale pages too.
Apologies about the papercut on my index finger - believe me it stung during clean up. I actually ran out of remover mid way through clean up but I did the best I could with my brush. Note to self: buy more remover ASAP. I used my HK Girl topcoat to seal everything and give an even shine - this topcoat is really great so far but I have yet to make much of a dent in the bottle level so we'll see how it is doing by the half way point.

Thanks for letting me visit today - I hope you've enjoyed the post and the mani. Best wishes to the lovely Emma.

Thanks for this Charlie, this is an amazing idea!! I have the black croc but ptobably only used it 4 times in total as it never liked me (that's my excuse!) but I think this is a great inspiration to fish it out and try again :)

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