Thursday, 24 April 2014

Guest post - Marie from ProfessioNails

Today's guest nails have previously appeared on my blog some time ago, last summer.... They belong to my eldest step daughter Marie!!

Hello my name is Marie, Im in the process of setting up a blog for my new business ProfessioNails as a nail technician providing mobile services such as acrylic and gel overlays and tips, manicures, pedicures, nail art and much more. Today i have tried some new techniques as we all know Emma is into her dotting tools! First up free hand leopard prints

On my left hand i did some dalmation dots

The polishes i used are: Thumb- China Glaze For Audrey Index- Champeys Wisteria Middle - Sally Hansen SGT preppy Ring - Spa Ritual uncomplicated Little - OPI Planks a lot, the black and white polishes are a-England Camelot and OPI my boyfriend scales walls,on the  Leopard print nails i also used a barry M nail art pen in black all are top coated with HK Girl.

Thanks Marie, glad you enjoyed a dig in my helmer and the free reign of my nail stuff!!   Marie has previously trained as a beauty therapist, but more recently decided to focus on nails and taken some extra courses to help get qualifications and skills to do this, she's just done some one stroke nail art so I'm going to get her to practice on me!  I'm sure there may be one or two words of wisdom I can share from my nail polish addict experience, lol!!!

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