Monday, 28 April 2014

Guest Post Robyn shares her Aurora

Today I have a guest post from my cousin in law, Robyn, not a blogger (yet!) but she's fast gaining a collection of polishes!


I'm Robyn and I am a nail polish addict!

I don't do blogging and I feel like I'm giving a speech in front of a crowd right now not just hiding behind my keypad so I apologise if I ramble on!

I've painted my nails for as long as I remember but it's only since marrying my fabulous husband and gaining a cousin-Emma, that I have learnt all about the world outside of drug store polishes. In the last year my stash has also turned three-fold! I never realised it was so huge!!

So this was my hand post-bath, middle finger broke while I was gardening :(
They're stained, unsightly and I have a huge ridge on my swearer!

This has been my saviour just lately although rather than staying on like a normal base coat it seems to sink into my nail and look less shiny than a regular base but it fills the ridge beautifully.

I've worn this base a few times with glitter heavy polishes (my favourite!!) and found that after a days wear the polish peels right off (how I imagine OPI Glitter Off would work) it's happened on 3 occasions. Not that I'm complaining as glitter is such hard work. This covers well and has a lovely formula.

I'm a huge Barry M fan but found the Berry Cosmo thick and I had to apply it fast or it was starting to look streaky.

This is my new favourite! I absolutely love it! I have tried Aurora on  black but wanted to try it on a different shade and I can't capture the beauty of it- it still looks amazing!! Aurora teamed with black is still my all time favourite combo but I'm going to keep pick n mixing- never know what you can come up with!

Thank you so much for reading and to Emma for letting me have a ramble about polishes. If you made it to the end you are dedicated!!
Hope you didn't fall asleep!

I am loving the Alice In Wonderland PJs in the background, beats black!  Thanks to Robyn for finally giving in to my nagging for a guest post :p  !!

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