Monday, 14 April 2014

Magpie Monday - Color Club Halo Hues Swatch Spam

Today's Magpie Monday is a holographic polish fest featuring the Color Club Halo Hues.  Sally Magpie was the first place I had easy access to the Halo Hues, I started off with Kisment and now have six!

I have been able to swatch these over the weekend and get a "proper" picture in the lightbox with DSLR and a phone picture taken in direct sunshine using my HTC One.  The phone pictures are pretty horrible in comparison to the camera pictures, but they show the full intensity of the holo!

All pictures below are two coats, no base or top coats.


I hate it when bottles do this!  I am a bit lazy about wiping the neck clean.

Shit! Fuck! Bollocks!  I named the polish wrong above, this is Over the Moon. 

Halo Hues are great alone and have strong holo effects, they also stamp really well.

At the time of writing this post three of these are in stock and three are out of stock over at Sally Magpies.

I've been feeling a little under the weather of late - I've had rashes, hayfever, viral infections, flu type things and some residual joint issues triggered by some of these.  On top of this, hubby hasn't been well, firstly he's had vertigo for almost two months and recently he got a delightful sicky bug which he's passed on to me to compound my woes, so I've put a plea out to some of my fellow British Nail Bloggers and have a couple of guest posts coming up over the next few days :)

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  1. Those nail polishes look amazing in direct sunlight, really like holographic craft paper! Great post - may have persuaded me how great halos are. :)


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