Monday, 7 April 2014

Magpie Monday - Picture Polish

In March I alluded to having all of the Picture Polish Limited Edition polishes and wanting to swatch them, but having Aurora in my guess the polishes giveaway meant I decided to wait until now to swatch them properly!  I have Borealis siting held hostage at the sorting offie at the moment so that's not in these swatches.

Magpie Monday's usually feature polishes I purchased from Sally Magpies, but I know one off the ones below was from Rainbow Connection, I just don't remember which one!  At the time of writing this post, all of the polishes in this post are available from Sally Magpies piCture pOlish.

Each picture below has one coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme and one coat of the PP.  No top coats.  3 pics of each, name shown on bottle in first picture.

This final photo was taken on my phone at the bus stop one morning days after I first got them!  This picture was previously in an update post I shared in March.

They all remind me of galaxy nails!  Although they look similar in swatch photos, real life wear of them side by side makes you realise they are all different.  I think Aurora is my favourite as the micro glitter particles are different to the others which are flecked with silver particles.

I am glad I managed to get each of these, I used to hate layering polishes but right now I love it.  I want to try these over different base colours.

Did you manage to snag these polishes too?


  1. AMAZING polishes! I was able to grab Aurora, which I loved most of all. I cannot wait for it to come to me :) And I found out about these LEs thanks to your giveaway (which I didn't win *sob* but anyway :P)
    Thanks for the lovely swatches!


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