Sunday, 20 April 2014

Some crappy Easter Bunny nail art....

Thanks to the lovely guest bloggers so far this week, I have two more to come next week, but for today, well the clue is in the title... crappy Easter Bunnys!

My friend Carol tagged me in a post on Facebook with a tutorial, "simple" I thought, easy broken down step by step guide.  Wrong.....

Here is the tutorial, as you can see the post doesn't have any watermarks.  It came from Days Out with Kids page.

Mine look shit and that's entirely because during the day before I did this I decided to file my nalis back, that extra 3mm which I took off would have been the difference (tongue firmly in cheek here, I do realise that even if my nails were another few mm or even twice this length they'd look pants!)

My polishes were white - OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, pale pink China Glaze Sgt Preppy, pale blue Champneys Wisteria, darker pink Barry M Pomegranate and darker blue Nails Inc Southwark.  The black I used was a-England Camelot.  And I'm sure if I'd used a nail art pen those eyelashes would have looked less "drunk bird who didn't take off her falsies in the morning after!"

So there we have it, my token Easter gesture!  My day can now be spent going to see the new Spiderman film and eating chocolate!!  How will you spend your day?

If you do know who originally created the tutorial please comment so I can credit them!  And if you decide to attempt the bunnies and wish to share  your efforts (and make mine look even worse!) please feel free to head over to my Facebook page and share a picture.


  1. I think they are very cute Emma!

    1. And I think you are very kind Angela! The Charlie Chaplin 'tache on the bunny makes me wince!


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