Sunday, 6 April 2014

Update on my Bliss Kiss results.

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Following on frm a comment by Claire of Kerruticles about the length of my nails, it reminded me that I haven't written up this post as yet.  I've been intending to for the last week.

I tried out Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil™ in March and wrote up a post about my experiences which you can read here.  I carried on and have been religiously used the oil regularly each day and have found that my nails have been more flexible - I have only had one break since using the oil which was on my left thumb, around three days in. It will have been 4 weeks of use on Monday 7th and my results are quite good, although I won't be baring them anytime soon as they are stained horribly at the moment!

The biggest improvements for me are my index finger and thumb as they normally break easily.

Day one after just a single application, 3rd March.

Posted Friday 21st March but done two days after giving up the 3 days polish free.

Posted Monday 17th March, done a few days before.

Posted Monday 24th March, photos taken day before.

Posted Tues 1st April photos done a couple of days before.

Posted Friday 4th April, photos taken day before.

The growth and the improvement in my skin has been great, still have a few rough bits coming away but now my side walls look normal.

This final trio of pictures were taken today using my phone, the polish here is unblogged, Enkelini Lainey Lou.

I now have length beyond my tips!

To be honest: the length right now is longer than I would like, I am quite happy with the length they were a fortnight ago.  At this length they start doing silly things like catching on the buttons on the keyboard and going underneath the other keys (shuddddddddder inducing moments) Just how do Sarah of Penny Pinching Polishes, Charlotte of So You Beauty and Anna of AnnaBean's Nails manage with their super long nails?  I am going to leave them though and see just where my nails will get to.

When I first posted my review of Pure Nail Oil™ I mentioned that I hoped to buy a bigger bottle of the oils, it was suggested by fellow blogger Claire than I could just use Jojoba and a few drops of oil for fragrance.  

I had mentioned in the original post that I was being very generous in my applications.  Well... I used my original bottle up very quickly (I have a bit left in the bottom of the bottle) and I used the pen within a week and  I was able to find the recipe for Pure Nail Oil™ online and decided to try my hand at mixing my own oil... The results were horrific.  I didn't get the balance right (a mistake in my downscaling the recipe) and the oils I fragranced it with are awful.  Worse still I have gallons of the home made rubbish to use up before I can justify to myself to spend on the real deal, well I have around 200ml plus I  filled up five old oil bottles and have them on the go too! Huge reminder to self not to be over confident and stick with ready made stuff!  My self made oil is quite greasy, but it does sink in eventually, lets hope the results stay and that I can get the real deal again soon - hopefully we will have a UK supplier too!

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  1. hehe, that's exactly what I did Emma, I just wanted to see how long they would get at first! I think after a while, you just get used to the extra length on your fingers, and automatically compensate for it. I remember when I used to get gels they were much shorter, and I was still struggling with the length of those, just because it was such a sudden change. Funnily enough, Anna, Charlotte and I have all had a naughty break or 2 recently forcing us to cut them down a bit! A mighty strange coincidence don't you think! :) xx


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