Thursday, 8 May 2014

Bright Dots

This dotticure was an unintended success.  Unintended as I actually started out to do something entirely different (more on that later) but it went horribly wrong and this was a quick change of plan (having already spent over half an hour doing my nails the first time!)

The pictures above were taken after 24hrs wear, so there is some tip wear.  The picture below is "just done" so no tip wear.

My original intent had been to do a distressted base and then use black croc over the top after seeing the croc used in Charlie's guest post I actually liked this as it was.  Looking back I wish I hadn't put the croc over it.

The croc didn't crackle like it was meant to and I was left with black nails.  So the outcome I had hoped to achieve was ruined, hence the dots!

A final picture here...  Barry M Passion Fruit and OPI A Roll in the Hague.  These two polishes look so different in the bottle yet on the nail they seem to have come out quite close.

Polishes used in this post were Barry M Gelly PassionFruit & Key Lime, OPI A Roll in the Hague, Planks a Lot & My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Kiko Cerulean Blue.

This reminds me a lot of a post I did last year after seeing Debbie Crumpet dot with the Gelly collection which Key Lime and Passion Fruit were part of.

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  1. The colors you chose are perfect for this kind of dotted mani, it looks playful and in the same time cute!


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