Tuesday, 20 May 2014

MoYou Nails Stamping set review.

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Firstly today, apologies for my absence over the last week or so.  Today I have a review of a stamping set from MoYouNails.com - I was sent two plates, a white stamping polish, a scraper and stamper to try out.

The stamping plates are presented as shown on the left, in a bag with blue film over the plates.  The plates have a backing to them, I forgot to photograph this.
My first though was how did the stamper compare with my others, size wise it's the same as the three shown below with a pink stamper.  The white is my XL Squishy and that one is slightly bigger.

The MoYou stamper has a longer handle than my other one ended stamper, it's  handle is also slightly wider than the Konad one.

It's quite difficult to capture the firmness of a stamper on a photograph, the MoYou stamper is very firm and doesn't yield in the same way my Konad one will.  The squishy is much softer too.  MoYou is the firmest of all my stampers.

The scraper comparison... I also have a big scraper in a bell shape which came with my squishy.  The squishy one is much bigger than either of these.  The metal scraper is a Faux-nad one, I have apparently used it (it has polish on it) but don't recall doing as I don't like metal on my stamping plates.  The MoYou scraper is smaller on the grip area, this wasn't a problem for me.  The surface area it covers is slightly smaller than the Faux-nad metal scraper coverage area.

Onto the plates... Here are the images they have on them, as you can see I have one with pictures and one with French tips.  I was somewhat apprehensive about both of these, I don't usually use any kind of stamp which isn't a full nail design.  I find it tricky to place the image properly on my nail.

Image taked from MoYou Nails.com, prices correct at the time of writing

To see how the images from image plate 101 transferred and how the white stamping polish covered, I was delighted to find some political propaganda had been posted through the door and one of the politicians had a black suit on, perfect stamping base"  The images all seemed to transfer perfectly, althouth the one with the open mouth, sited south west on the plate above didn't transfer as well as the others, it's shown twice below.

Here the images are on the nail, bit wonky especially the one on the little finger!  As you can see they are a pretty good size for my nubbiny nails.

I wanted to try and make some stamping decals with the owls, but didn't get the opportunity to do so :(

Onto plate 100, the French tip.  I used the middle image from the plate above as the curve is wider, which suits my shape better.  For this stamp I used a base of Sally Hansen Black Platinum.  I also tried my squishy stamper on my ring finger - this is the only one with a hole in!  The tip design defintely works better with the firmer stamper!

I placed my little finger stamp higher than I wanted it to be,  so I tried restamping.  Not the best of ideas as I can see a line where the original stamp was!

All in all I was impressed with the quality of the stamping plates, polish and stamper.  I'd be interested to see how the full nail designs compare with other brands, it's difficult for me to compare a tip plate or single image design with other brands for quality as I tend not to use those plates (cheeky ones with the plastic film on still....) the quality of the stamping polish is excellent, the only reason I have a gap in my french tip was due to using the squishy stamper, which I find isn't always as "crisp"

MoYou Nails also sent a copy of their brochure which has lots of lovely sets and photos with ideas for the kits.

You can view the full range of products at MoYouNails.com, product sent for review, the opinion expressed is my own.

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  1. I think that MoYou London products are the most professional ones these days! Great review!


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