Friday, 2 May 2014

Rainbow Barry M Watermarble

Today's Rainbow Watermarble was borne from bad heartburn over the weekend!  I decided to try lying facedown for a bit to ease the terrible reflux, found myself flicking through my swatch sticks and picking out 11 colours to use for a rainbow mani, I needed a neutral base plus 10 colours (2 per nail) and had intended dotting.  Whilst flicking through the sticks the idea of a watermarble came to mind, using a clear glittery polish and colours.  The clear glittery polishes didn't work so I used my white base along with the two colours per nail.  All polishes used were Barry M, I'll list them at the end.

The clean up and photos aren't so good in this post, I will openly admit an attempt to photoshop the appearance of my cuticles - during clean up I spotted ANTS (eeeek!) on the breakfast bar.  Only three, but three more than I would desire to spend time with.  Clean up was rushed and the hurried photos I took with one of my normal lamps pointing straight at my hand and a bit of black cloth behind me look harsly lit and the bits of PVA I didn't clean off properly looked horrid.

I used Barry M Matte White as a foundation colour on all nails and again in each marble.  My marble was colour 1, white, colour 2, white, colour 1, white, colour 2, white, draw pattern and dip.

The pink nails are Pomegranate and Grapefruit
The orange / yellow nails are Mango and Lemon Ice Cream
The green nails are Key Lime and Spring Green
The blue nails are Blueberry and Blue Grape
The lilac nails are Prickly Pear and Plum (mine is labelled Blackberry)

All polishes featured were purchased by me, with the exception of Matte White.

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