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SpaRitual Luminary Matte top coat in Citrine and Opaline

Today I have some products sent for review by SpaRitual.  I had hoped to post this earler today but have only just been able to write this up!

The top coats I have to review are from the SpaRitual signature collection.  I am a big fan of special finish top coats offering a way to double up your polish stash by layering them to get new looks and finishes.

image taken from SpaRitual UK website

Regular readers will have probably seen me waxing lyrical about how much I love SpaRitual polishes, the quality etc, so just a brief summary about the brand before going onto the review.  SpaRitual are vegan society approved, commited to being eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable.  The quality of their products is superb and I am big fan of the Ferrari designed bottle with it's curves, made from recycled glass and featuring the ergonomic brush with the fab rubber grip providing excellent control.

I have two Luminary matte top coats in Opaline (picture below on the left) and Citrine (on the right)  These are both flakie polishes with a duochrome shift.  I meant to swatch these on clear swatch sticks to see if the base has any colour, the graphic above looks as though the suspension base is tinted, but my experience of the polish makes me think it's clear and the colour effect is simply the flakes.

Before getting to hand photos, please note my little finger has been through the wars a little recently.  I had my beloved HTC One phone in a silicone case since getting it, which was great, protected it from bumps, then I saw a snazzy snap on back cover and abandoned my gel case.  The new back cover has an evil sharp edge which caused my soft hands to blister along my little finger from the middle through to my cuticle. I tried to hide the mess in these photos, but there is no hiding the cuticle area.  The very day I got a lovely email to say these were on their way was the very day that the dry blistered skin lifted off -  GAH!!!!  Phone back in silicone case for now. Heaven forbid I should spend less time holding it, lol!!!

I swatched each of the matte top effects over a dark colour - rather than black I opted for SpaRitual Blue Moon, a deep inky blue and also over SpaRitual Delight, a pale minty  green, I do enjoy wearing flakie polishes over lighter colours.  Each combo I took a photo matte as the top effect dries and top coated for shine.

First is Citrine over Blue Moon, matte.

Cittrine over blue moon with a coat of NYC Grand Central Station top coat.

Citrine over Delight, matte.

Citrine over Delight, with NYC Grand Central Station top coat.

Citrine has the "typical" flakie shift from yellow / orange through to green.  The application is great, an even distribution.  I have a couple of other flakie finish polishes which also have the orange / green trends, but none seem to apply so smoothly.  I have Essie Shine of the Times and the Zoya Flakies so if you would like to see a comparison please leave a comment and I will try to do this.  I would say if you wanted SOTT that this may satisfy that need quite well. 

Next is Opaline.

Opaline over Blue Moon, matte.

Opaline over Blue Moon with NYC Grand Central Station.

Opaline over Delight, matte.

Opaline over Delight with a coat of HK Girl (auto pilot wrong top coat used!)

Opaline has a warmer shift from a red / pink to orange with hints of gold, this is a less common colour shift.  I think perhaps the closest flakie colour shift I have is Barry M Crystal Glaze, although the size of flakes does seem smaller in Opaline, again I can always do a comparison post if that's what people would like to see, leave a comment if you would.  I regretted using my thickened bottle of HK girl for the last photo, the shift does seem somewhat dulled compared to using the thinner top coat. 

I have to admit whilst both of the special finishes are lovely matte, I actually prefer them with a shiny top coat as the colour shift seems much brighter.  I like the fact it dries matte and I have the option to add shine (the other way around can be harder, especially when you don't have a matte top coat in the house and want to make something matte!)

Both Citrine and Opaline applied easily, no clumping issues, spreading the flakes evenly over the nail.  The base colour doesn't seem to have had any affect upon the colour I was layering over, lilac over green sounded a dauting colour combo, but worked really well.  These top coats really "pop" over black, but as my pictures show, they work well over other shades, I can't wait to try them over white.  Drying time wasn't a problem, after applying Citrine over Blue Moon (the first combo I photographed) I decided to change one of the bulbs in my light box, I managed to do this without denting or smudging which is no mean feat!

I am looking forwards to seeing swatches of the other iridescent topper "Brilliance" I have seen that sold in a combo pack along with Magnify which is probably my favourite pink at the moment.  I have also seem some exciting looking polishes from the Drift summer 2014 collection and a glow in the dark glitter called Lighthouse 

The polishes featured were sent for an honest review apart from Blue Moon which was purchased by me.   In the UK SpaRitual polishes can be purchased directly from SpaRitual.co.uk, the rest of the world check SpaRitual.com for suppliers.

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