Thursday, 22 May 2014

Why I love Mentality and what's been going on

Today I have a dotticure with Mentality matte polishes.  The photos were all taken on my phone.

I used one coat of Duri, two coats of Regal and Virginia then dotted with the reverse colour.  The first couple of pictures is how the polishes dry, to a matte with a shimmer.

I added one coat of HK Girl and made the nails shiny, is this the definition of irony: picking polishes which are matte and making them shiny.  Before taking the next pictures I added cuticle oil so my fingers look shiny and odd.  I don't like the look of photos like this, so I don't normally take them!

I loved this and just left it on, it wore so well.  The next picture is after 4 days of wearing, the combo is exactly the same as above, no additional layers of Duri or top coat were added.

And in comparison, after removing the Mentality polishes I used the new Barry M Gelly polishes, I did my nails at 8pm on a Saturday evening, went to bed at about 10pm (rock n roll lifestyle!)  got up at 9am the next day and after a little light housework I saw my index finger had lifted off.  I was asleep most of the time!  I used the same base and top coat, just the polish sandwiched in the middle which was different.  I know Mentality have a shiny top coat, I should try it.  I wish they would bring out a range of strengtheners / bases to  :)

As for where I have  been... I had a 10 day gap as I have been a bit unmotivated recently.  I had photos ready to upload, but haven't had the get up and go to write the words and press publish!  I had several lovely ladies guest posting for me which gave me time to get ahead again, but I had no motivtion to do it. I wore the Mentality on for four days which isn't like me, but my hayfever has been horrendous, I'm having to take antihistamines at night which knock me out and don't leave me feeling brilliant the next day.  This time last year was the same and I said I was going to give up blogging, but when it eased I got back into things.  Then add to all this the state of my nails.  When I wrote my post reviewing  Pure Nail Oil I revealed my horrible bare nails.

The lifting on my ring and little fingers looks particularly bad, on my right hand I have this same problem, to the same extent, on all of nails apart from the thumb.  The lifting I can pinpoint back to when I started using Duri Rejuvacote.  It's magic growth in a bottle, but the way I used it it seemed to have a bad effect.  I was using two coats of Duri as a base, this made my nails adopt a tight "C" curve.  My nails naturally want to be flat.  I have polish on all the time, so my nails haven't been relaxed to where they want to be for some time.  If you read Doug Schoon's work he states that badly done nail extensions which are overly tight on the c-curve can lead to lifting - a similar principle to what has happened to me.

The lifting has left me worried I may get a horrible infection under my nails, particularly when they got a bit longer and there was all that area of unattached nail.  So.... After I took the photos for the review post from Tuesday I took the clippers and took my nails as low as they could go, uncomfortably so in places.  I have worn Mentality Mae for three days to try and blend my nubbins into my finger and not make them stand out, it's a lovely soft matte pink and lasted amazingly! 

I am still going to use Duri - just one coat though! - until something better comes along.  I am going to try and leave more time between polish changes now too.   As my hayfever eases I will also try and get back into blogging too.  Thanks to everyone still reading this :)


  1. I'm sure you've heard about the issues with Mentality polishes but just in case, they have had an issue with their base which caused nail lifting issues similar to your pics

    1. I actually hadnt heard! I read into this just now though, it seems the formula change was a year later, polishes purchased April-June this year were affected. I have had a similar issue again recently but again it's psoriasis related, triggered by me using gel polish :(


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