Saturday, 28 June 2014

NailStickrs Review

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I recently was offered an opportunity to review NailStickrs which are fab nail stencils for creating some easy effects.  Over my last few posts I have featured them over and over as I am totally in love with them.

Foolishly I never took a photo of the pack before I started using them, however below you can see the pack I have been playing with.  Kudos to Jade of Life in Lacquer for her post because if I had read her guide I would have spent time with the tweezers trying to align zigzags.  In summary, stick a patch of about five on at once and use tweezers to remove some so you can the paint or sponge over them.

Now for a closer look at each of these.  Firstly my favourite design of them all, the zig-zag chevrons.

I have used the chevron over and over - I only need to use half a patch of these to get a full nail, one of the perks of nubbins!  My most favourite looks with the zigzag chevron is when I have sponged over them and got a gradient effect.


I did find that when I painted a plain polish I didn't achieve the same results, so even for a plain effect I would consider sponging the top colour on.

The next one is the straight lines.  I didn't try this straight away as I have done plain stripes using tape and wasn't instantly wowed by this sheet.  However, I suddenly realised that these are AMAZING as they allow you to easily get evenly placed stripes.

I don't have any "proper" photos, just messy ones taken on my phone.

This next sheet is a V-shaped Chevron, I loved these in theory, but I just couldn't make them work for me (I tried 8 times and used up four patches of them.)  I have resigned myself that my nails were too short.

I haven't photographed a z-shape mani, I tried this one time and I was too rough with it: I tore my vinyl in half in the middle.  I will be more careful next time I use these and will be sure to share photos!

This next design took me back to my earliest attempt at nail art, when I tried out a tape mani and achieved something simiar using triangles of regular sellotape.  These stickers are a big improvement on any tape triangles as you get a more even look.  I didn't actually get photos of these on my nails either, I did use them as an accent thumb.  Simple and quick, work really well with strong contrasting colours such as pink and black.

I have tried them all but haven't photographed them all.  I am impressed with the quality and ease of use.  I would recommend either using an amazingly quick drying top coat before you use them, or using them over a day old mani to ensure your base colour is in a totally solid dry state before using them as they are quite sticky (which is just what stickers should be!)  I certainly don't want to be without the zig zag chevron ever again, just using that as an accent nail really makes me love my designs.

You can buy NailStickrs from their website, follow them online on Instagram (and see some of my nails they have shared!) like their Facebook page,  follow their Pinterest and Twitter.  Definitely keep an eye on social media as I just won some more of these from an Instagram giveaway (I about did a happy dance when I saw my name!)  One of the most exciting things with these is the fact that they are something which can be posted anywhere around the world as basically they are a sticky sheet, no restrictions, the polish magic happens when the arrive :)

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