Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Recent photo spam

Today's post is a bit of a photo spam post with some nails, nail mail and other bits n bobs over the last couple of weeks.  My nails have been very short due to lifting, I had to clip my index finger down twice in the last 5 weeks, to a very very short length, so the pics are my total nubbin nails (I only have short beds and lifting made them even shorter!)  I now suspect I have had issues with psoriasis as my hands have totally flared up 2 weeks ago.  There seems to be some improvement so I am hoping to go back to regular blogging soon!

Firstly, skittlettes!  I have done a lot of skittlette type manis over the last few weeks, most of these pics were taken on my phone.

This first one is using Barry M Almond which is my favourite neutral of the moment!  I used  a silver glittery accent nail which was a-england Encore Margot with a layer of Merlin.  The teal nails (Layla Aqua Zen stamped with MoYou white) came off right after this photo was taken, the photo below was after 24hrs wear.  I replaced those nails with plain Sally Hansen Spring Green and kept this mani on for a further 2 days.

I finally attemped a dotty swirl which Lucie of Lucy's Stash has done a video tutorial  for on her YouTube.  I unwittingly picked similar colours to hers.  I don't think there was a big enough contrast between my colours as it ended up a blur of dots with no definite spiral.  Will be trying this again, with different colours.  At some point...

This next photo went nuts on my Twitter page, I got something like 90 favourites and a few retweets!  I finally got my mitts on Barry M Rosehip Gelly, which means I have the full set.  I didn't think there had been so many!  Seeing the Gellys like this made me realise the total lack of purpley and yellow shades they have produced, plus also there are very few deep colours like burgundy or black.  Wonder if these holes will be filled in the winter releases?

Sally of the Magpie store kindly sent me some older Barry Ms, which you can easily pick out in the bottle line up (square lids with Barry M on the top) I hadn't realised how much they had changed!

I was delighted to get some more swatchsticks in the post, I now have 618 polishes all on swatch sticks, logged on my spreadsheet and list (links to both of these are at the top of the page) I sat down on Saturday and finished swatching 30 polishes which had been waiting.  Inevitably I ended up distracted and this happened (facepalm moment when I realised I had labelled the wrong side)  I just rewrote labels and put them on the correct side.  Interestingly, when I started out swatchsticking my polishes, I printed a list of the polishes, cut up labels and ensured the fonts were all the same, the labels were the same size.  That lasted the first 200 or so sticks... then I ran out of ink in the printer, ran out of patience to type them all and decided to write labels instead!

I sorted this mess out... in those drawers I found a new bottle of SpaRitual Protein Boost so I have switched back to this, especially whilst my eczema and dermatitis issues are bad I think something with a lack of the horrible stuff in Duri may help. 

I got some Dark Metal Lacquer polishes!  As I type this post up I am wearing the two on the right, the teal shade went on really well in one coat, the navy needed two.  I hope to feature these in a blog post soon.  A yellow and green holo!! WOW!!!

Skittlette with pink and gold.  I wish I had stamped this with a gold polish rather than white.  My first time using one of the MoYou London big full image plates, I have only had them since Feb!

Some dry drag black polish over random stripes of other colours.  All polishes used in this were the Barry M Summer Gelly or Mattes apart from the black.  I topcoated it so the mattes are tricky to pick out.

Angry hands... came into contact with some cleaning products without gloves and this happens.  The entire back of my left hand was like this.  It got so bad I had to use a steriod cream.  #badtimes

I used Mentality Mattes to try some dots within dots.

I spent several days shepherding the cat away from a baby pigeon which had fallen from the nest.  I managed to snap the moment that he first saw the baby pidge, but luckily he didn't pounce.

Baby pige was being watched my momma pige (and me!) so I didn't need to try and find it a suitable diet.  My only responsibility was shooing the cat! Baby pige found a hiding place right in the corner of the garden, Lurch seemed to know it was there, but didn't know quite where!  Baby pige has disappeared now, I think it gained enough flight to return to the nest, it was quite big but still had some fluffy feathers.

I got my first CbL from a Nail Sale page on Facebook.  It's called Hellcat, but I think anyone following me on FB may have heard me refer to it as Wildcat.  I tried out the Mentality top coat too, this didn't dry as quickly as I am used to - so the hair imprints in the polish show!!

This final picture shows the Barry M mattes all dotted on my extreme nubs, check out how short my index finger is here!

Hoping to get back into a more regular posting pattern again soon!!  Be sure to check back later this week when I will be launching a new giveaway :)

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  1. I'm not far off having the complete Barry M Gelly set either :)


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