Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Skittlette in neutral and blue.

I have been quite in love with skittlette designs lately, especially since getting the NailStickrs for review - full post yet to come on these.

Today's skittlette was done on the Saturday evening when England had just kicked off their first world cup match (11pm!) and the thumb nail went wrong four times, in the end I just used plain blue, but the blue had already stained on my skin.  I had kind of lost the will to continue by this point!  Luckily the photos don't look quite as bad as it did IRL!!

My silver accent is one coat of a-england Encore Margot with a coat of Merlin.  The neutral colour is one from a Primark set of Ombre minis which I won on an IG user giveaway recently.  The blue studs were from a set previously provided for review by BornPrettyStore and the blue is Barry M Malibu, all with HK Girl topcoat.

These nails didn't make it too far into Father's day, by 2pm they were off!


  1. The color combination is very pretty!

  2. These are super cute! Gotta love Barry M! :)


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