Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Snoop in the Stash!

A couple of weeks ago I was tagged on Instagram in a "what are you doing right now" hastag.  Well, at the time it was a Sunday, it was absolutely pouring with rain, hubby was watching the Spanish (I think!) Grand Prix, so what was I doing?  Sorting through my Helmers!  I have always had my polishes sorted by brand, but back in December I was running out of space so I put them into colours and it meant more space in my drawers.  I hated this, I couldn't find polishes when I wanted them plus I now have 2 helmers and space isn't an issue now, so I decided to go back to brands.

I think the picture below is all of my polishes in various heaps.  Doesn't look like it's close to 600, but the bed is a kingsize.

For the uninitiated, a Helmer is a type of drawer unit from Ikea.  It has six drawers and is intended to be used under a desk.  The drawers are perfectly to fit a couple of reams of A4 paper, but they are also an ideal size for holding a nail polish bottle.  The top of my drawers had a couple of heaps of clothes on top (clean ones waiting to go away) so I cropped the photo a little!

I tagged the drawers on the photo and added a number to the ones I took a photo inside of.  Assorted old top coats isn't an interesting drawer, nor is bills and random household paperwork.  The rest can be seen below.

Drawer one is predominantly OPI and Color Club, but looking at this photo I can also see my Zoya, Boots no 7, InVogue and Kleancolor polishes in there (ther's not that many of the other brands)  I am amazed at how many OPI I have again!! The oldest OPIs in there will be the two black labels I have You Roca-pulco Red (2006 Mexico collection) and Wyatt Earp-le Purple (1999 Wild West collection) I also have two DS polishes Original and Shimmer.  I once had Glamour, Amethyst and Sapphire DS polishes plus the desirable My Private Jet black holo, but they are now a distant memory (sold most of them and gave one away in 2010!)

Drawer two is only China Glaze, not much to say here, other than I haven't bought any CGs in ages as their collections got a bit like OPI when I fell out of love with them in 2007 (same colours all the time, slight different finishes or fractionally different shades, see those four teals and four similar greens below?) Hopefully they get back on the rails again soon.  I have plenty of space!

Drawer three is Sally Hansens and Kiko.  I wish SH would have just one bottle shape, I have four different shapes in there!

Drawer four is a mish-mash drawer, I can see W7, Revlon, Orly, Special FX, Ciate, Misa, Models Own and Nails Inc in amongst everything!  I keep Nails Inc and Models Own upside down so I can see the labels.  There's a rogue Catrice in there too, that needs to be moved!

Drawer five is just my swatch sticks.  And a tube of Anthisan bite and sting creme for some reason!

Drawer six has quite a few brands.  It's probably my favourite drawer along with drawer seven.  In this drawer there's Mentality, Girly Bits, Enchanted Polish, R&R Lacquers, Quirk, Layla, Jade,  Pretty & Polished, Lilypad Lacquer, ManGlaze, Ozotic Pciture Polish and Nail Lacquer UK.

Drawer seven a-england, Cirque, Pretty Serious, Glam Polish, Polished by KPT, FUN Lacquer, Liquid Sky Lacquer, Butter London, Nubar, Essence, Catrice, SpaRitual, plus a couple of others.

Drawer 8 has my Barry M, Rimmel, Beauty UK and Champneys polishes, there's a couple of gaps in the Barry M row as I had these out when I took the photos.

The final drawer I keep odds and sods in of nail art items, stamping plates and polishes.

How do you keep your stash?


  1. Loved seeing your stash! I keep half of mine on a polish rack on my desk and the other half is in the Helmer :) Love how perfect helmers are for polishes, except Jacava- they don't fit lol.

  2. Nice stash! I need to finish organizing mine. I started with one brand and got it all organized and then I slacked off.

  3. I love the swatch sticks! I wish I had started them earlier in my collection. At this point I cant see me swatching them all. Nice collection!

  4. I love seeing pics of stashes and how others organize. My stash is small, around 70, so I keep them in two boxes inside a drawer. They are organized by brand and then color.

  5. I love seeing stashes! Sally Hansen drives me up a wall with their seemingly endless different bottle shapes! LOL

  6. Great post :) I love seeing how other people keep their polish. Mine is 'organised' into colour drawers but it is very overcrowded now with bottles having to squeeze in upside down XD. I can't bring myself to have a clear out OR buy another Helmer though lol


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