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Current Hand and Nail Care favourites.

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Today's post is an update on my favourite hand care products and hand care routine.  I will be covering my daily care and my weekly care.

This year my nails have been the longest they have ever been and probably the shortest they have ever been.  I started to use Duri Rejuvacote and they grew to the best they have ever been.  Then snapped.  And repeat.  In March I introduced Pure Nail Oil™*, then my nails just kept growing, they have rarely broken since then.  In April they were my most favourite length ever.  I had had some wonky "smile lines" going on from February but they got worse and worse and the lifting meant that some nails weren't more free edge than nail bed, this turned out to be caused by psoriasis.  To try and help the psoriasis I clipped my nails right off at the start of June, they looked so short it looked like I had been biting (I've never bitten my nails.) I was a target of an internet troll when I blogged with my just repairing nails, still short.  Now they are back to "fighting condition" I figured it's time for a new nail care post so I can share what has been working and helping. 

The first thing which helped my lifting was to actually clip my nails right off.  I know this is dramatic but it helped me.  At the start of June my index finger nail was the shortest it has ever been.  The next picture was edited before I dared to share it, I put it on my IG in June.  I had sore finger tips where the nail bed was exposed.  By cutting my nails short it took all the stress and pressure off the nail bed, no c-curve pressure, no length.  

The pictures below are 8 weeks apart.  The black ones have been on my IG page, but not yet posted on the blog, will be coming soon...  My last three posts on IG have had comments about how much my nails have grown so I thought this post would be timely!

Daily Care 

I use Pure Nail Oil™* every single day.  I would say I probably remember to use it more Monday-Friday as I keep a bottle on my desk at work (hot-deskers would cringe if they had to use my desk, my keyboard has a delightful greasy feel to it!!) I use this around the base of my cuticle and also on the underside of any free-edge.  This product has been my real miracle item as it has given my nails a flexibility they have never previously had.  I have previously used SpaRitual Cuti-Cocktail oil and found that to be brilliant too, I have never tried using it with the intensity of Pure Nail Oil, but may have had similar results if I had used it as often.

Lush Lemony Flutter has become a new "go to" product, I got this at the start of July and have been amazed at how well this stuff works.  I apply mine after most of my Pure Nail oil applications.  I got my first tub of this after hubs was in hospital with suspected appendicitis, I had to catch the bus and change over in the town centre.  I was mega early for visiting hours and managed to get to Lush then back to the bus station and got to the hospital bang on time for visiting hours.  I have decanted some of this into a small empty Burts Bees tin and keep the small tin at work.  The product can take a little rubbing in, so maybe the extra massage of my cuticle area is helping promote growth.

(Not pictured) I use Aldi Lacura Nourishing handcream with beeswax and glycerine several times a day.   I love this as it only costs 75p and is a 125ml tube, it doesn't smell massively offensive and it keeps my hands comfortable.

Lush UltraBalm is another go to miracle product (in my opinion)  I have made no secret of discussing my poor eczema prone skin and how it cracks and flares up.  My left hand had been pretty sore in places for about four weeks when hubs went into hospital.  I got some of this UltraBalm and within a couple of applications it had made my hands feel "normal."  Ultrabalm is a softer texture than I expected, it warms easily between the hands and gives my hands that "gloved" feeling of comfort.  I have coincidentally found that it also tames frizz well and been using a teeny amount rubbed between my hands to scrunch into my curls in a morning.  The ingredients may be legibile on an enlarged picture, jojoba plus two types of wax, so I am sure this will be better for my hair than any silicon coatings from certain anti frizz products.

As I paint my nails daily I will mention these things - I use an Acetone* / glycerine / water mix remover to take off my old polish.  I first saw this on Lacquerheads of Oz.

My base for polish is now either one coat of Duri Rejuvacote* (link to eBay US seller I have used three times to purchase from, check feedback and make your own decision) or one coat of SpaRitual Protein Boost.  I only ever use one coat of any strengthener now as two coats of Duri is viewed with suspicion by me - the psoriasis issue and lifting came after using two coats of Duri every day!

After I have painted my nails and cleaned up, I use a Pure Nail Oil™*  pen to moisturise the area, leaving it about 10mins before taking photos.

When doing any dishes or heavy chemically based cleaning I wear gloves!  I didn't used to, but since my skin issues I have been extra careful about this.

Weekly care.

As and when needed (or at least once a week) I use a Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File in Aluminimum Case* which I purchased from Amazon.  I was also given one for my birthday, so I keep one at home and one in my handbag.  I swear by this file as since I started using it I haven't had peeling nails.

I use SpaRitual cuticle remover once a week or sometimes once a fortnight.  I use wooden orange sticks to clean up.  I actually got this product by mistake from an Amazon seller, I ordered a bottle of cuticle oil and got this instead.  It works better than anything else I have previously tried so it's a happy mistake.

And that's about it really!  What products do you use / swear by as your daily and weekly essentials?


  1. Your nails are looking great! Such a big difference in so short a time. I'd always been ashamed of the condition of my nails until I recently discovered Pure Nail Oil and Duri Rejuvacote. I'm still in the process of getting them into shape but they are much better now. They have stopped peeling but I still have frequent breaks (as soon as I start to get a tiny bit of length). Maybe I'm overdoing the Duri and should try alternating it with another strengthener. I will also try some of the other products you mentioned. Thank-you for this helpful and informative post.

    1. Cathy perhaps add some extra moisture? I used to have same problem but what helped me is brushing oil on underside of my free edge as soon as it is long enough to use the brush in there. To be honest, I shuddered at the idea of doing it and thought germs, but I tell myself Pure Nail Oil has tea tree in it. That'll zap any germs!

  2. I love Pure Nail Oil!!! It's a huge miracle worker! My nails used to be brittle and super dry - not anymore :)
    I used to use Protein Boost, but I ran out (after giving it for a few days to my mum and mum in law :D) and I haven't purchased a new bottle.
    Now I'm using a Seche Recondition as a under-base coat. As base coat I use Seche Clear. My top coat is Seche Vite - I will never change it ... EVER :))
    For cuticles I'm also swearing by CND CuticleAway - it really does remove those dead cuticles pretty nicely and I rarely have to trim them.
    I'm using also the BodyShop Almond nail and hand cream, which is running out, but I hear they will be releasing new hand creams in August so I might try them as well.
    I also have a suggestion for you eczema prone skin, if you haven't tried these -
    I'm really loving and raving about this brand a lot here in Bulgaria. I'm using their face-care products and I really enjoy them - cruelty-free, purely organic and getting the job done.
    After having an allergic reaction and a nasty rash from LUSH products I will never buy from them again :)
    Do you have any suggestions for hand cream?
    Thank you!

    1. Oh no! I wonder what caused you to have a reaction to Lush? Hand creams which have really worked well for me are Burts Bees with Grapeseed and Honey, but that is quite expensive. I do like my 75p Aldi brand hand creams, do you have Aldi in Bulgaria? I thought you were in London for some reason!


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