Saturday, 26 July 2014

Mentality Regal

I realised I haven't done a simple swatch for months, so here are some simple swatch photos of Mentality Regal, probably my most favourite of purple polishes.


Regal is a polish which I bought based on swatches, but didn't wear for ages as it looked very red toned in the bottle.  I have a few red based purples, but don't wear them often as it's not as flattering to my skin tone as a blue based purple.  I recall wearing Regal for the first time and being amazed at how it transforms on the nail as it dries!  It has stronger blue tones.  Compare the nail to the bottle above and you can see the difference.  Click to enlarge either of the next two photos and you may be able to see the red and blue micro particles which go to creating the overall colour.

I intended to wear Regal for a day then add some NailStickr Nail Vinyls I won from an Instagram giveaway in a silver chevron design, I was going to wear them on two full nails.  Being impatient I decided to do them on the first night as Regal seemed dry enough.  The hearts on the middle finger in the next picture cover the hole where I ripped a load of the polish off.  Instead I went for a french tip chevron in silver :)

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  1. Mentality does purples so well. I have to get more!


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