Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mini Neon Leopard Skittlette

The idea for today's nails was one of the random moment ones, on a break at work I could envisage it and grabbed my mobile to email myself so I didn't forget!!  I had my neon dots on and then wondered how a mini leopard in neons would look.    

These are even bright IRL!

The mini neon idea is something I have seen Louise of Tips and TopCoat execute so many times to perfection and wondered just how she does it.  I chopped a short paint brush down so thin that it only has about six bristles and it seemed to work much better than I expected.

Polishes used were OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, China Glaze Splish Splash, Sunkissed and I'm With the Lifeguard, piCture pOlish Fake Tan and SpaRitual Imaginarium.  I used two coats of HK Girl to make sure the studs stayed on.  It was only the next day when I got to work that I noticed the thumb was slightly off centre and it annoyed me so much!!  My black lines on the leopards were done by pumping a black Barry M Nail Art Pen on a paper until I got a big splodge of the paint out of it, then used it with my brush that had had a haircut.

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