Friday, 18 July 2014

Skittlette with double gradient feature nail.

Another skittlette, this one has a feature nail of a double gradient, I loved the way this turned out!

My neutral nails with studs were Barry M Vanilla (previously sent for review) the glitter nail is a-england Excalibur (original) topped with Merlin.  The zig zag nails are done using NailStickr Nail Vinyls (previously sent for review) using a gradient base of OPIs Skull & Glossbones, Mermaid's Spell and No Room For the Blues.  I topped the gradient with Seche, then once dry I used a white, grey and black gradient of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Beauty UK Slate and Barry M Espresso (previously sent for review.)  I picked the studs up off eBay.

Photos taken with two coats of HK Girl.  I have found two coats seems to be the magic number to dry mega fast AND keep the studs firmly in place.

Here's a final close up of the double gradient.

I totally love the NailStickrs zigzag chevron design, it's something I could never achieve freehand or with striping tape.

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