Monday, 21 July 2014

Two Fingers Up

Another post, three in three days?!  This is my two fingers up post - following on from my earlier post about internet trolls, I decided to recreate the dots on the thumbnail in one of the manis which was trolled.  They had been my favourite colour combo and something I wanted to recreate. 

After this I have my Colour Me Crazy post tomorrow, then will fall back into my every other day "happy" routine.

I used the same polishes as before, OPI My Boyfried Scales Walls as a base, the dots are Barry M Pomegranate and Nails Inc Udderly Shocking Pink (sent for review).

This last picture is especially for the spineless bully.


  1. This post is perfect! I love your dots!

  2. love this mani, it's glorious xx

  3. I love it! Your dotticures are always so gorgeous! Love the color combo!

  4. I don't like your freckles. They are too cute and I don't have them so therefore you should not have them either! Also... you dot better than anyone else!


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