Sunday, 20 July 2014

Z-Shaped Vinyls with Neons.

Today's post was one of the ideas I got at a random point during the day and had to email myself to ensure I remembered!  The neon polishes and studs are seriously bright, highlighter pen yellow, pink and orange, yet the camera plays them down. 

I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as a base colour for all the nails, the neon studs were from Born Pretty Store (previously provided for review) the neon polishes were SpaRitual Imaginarium (previously provided for review) piCture pOlish Fake Tan and China Glaze Sunkissed and I'm with the Lifeguard.  All topped with HK Girl.

The NailStickrs nail vinyls used to create the z shape cut out were previously provided for review.

I had two options to get the ring finger the way I did, option 1 was to paint the nails white, wait for them to dry, sponge all the nails with the neon rainbow, wait for that to dry, apply a z sticker and paint over with white, hoping it would be opaque enough to get a good result.  All that waiting?  No thanks.  Instead I cut up the backing sheet and popped out a z shape then used the hole it left to sponge through.  Simples.  I used the z I had popped out on my middle finger, no wastage :)  My middle finger was a white base, once dry I put the stencil on it, the sponged the left to right gradient. 

Final note: Thanks to everyone who read or commented on yesterday's post. I will have another post related to it with nails and a theme of "two fingers up" coming soon :D


  1. Oooooooh, I like that a LOT!

  2. Never would have thought about sponging through the backing. These are really funky x


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