Saturday, 30 August 2014

a-england Camelot with gold accents.

note - photos in this post were taken in away from normal lighting.  Some were in full sunshine, some were in indirect light.  Yes I really do glow in the dark in direct sunshine.

The last weekend in July was hot, stupidly hot.  I pegged out the washing and expected it to smoke as it was so hot outside.  On a very hot sunny day what polish do I reach for?  Not a holo, noooooo.  Black creme!  I used a-england Camelot, the glitter on my middle finger is Rocky by piCture pOlish and the gold on my thumb is Enchanted Polish Austin Powers (I did smudge this, but was too hot to actually care.)

I shared one of the pictures on my IG account and was asked if my nails had grown a lot.  I don't think they have, I had actually filed my nails earlier in the day before doing this mani.  I think it is just the bold and shiny black which makes them stand out.  I can't believe the number of reflections I can see in the photos.

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