Friday, 8 August 2014

Attempt at Graphic Equalizer Nail Art.

This is my attempt at Graphic Equalizer nail art.  I saw some amazing nail art on IG and had a go at recreating it.  Fail!

I first saw this on ModLacquer on IG, she has a video over there with a tutorial.  It was much simpler than I thought, even though I didn't manage it very well!

I used Beauty UK Soft Green, OPI No Room for the Blues, Barry M Indigo and Catrice The Pinky and the Brain as my gradient base.  The black used on the graphic equalizer was a-england Camelot.  The plain black nails are Ozotic 526, the holo was hidden somewhat though.

Maybe I'll try this again when my nails are a bit longer.

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  1. It's a shame the holo doesnt come out very well it looks amazeballs In the bottle and I love equaliser you did

  2. Oh wow... well the colors look great. I imagine it must be a lot more challenging to do nail art on shorter nails - which is why I have so much respect for you girls that blog them on the regs! A valiant effort nonetheless!


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