Sunday, 31 August 2014

Barry M Autumn Gelly Release 2014 Swatches and Comparisons

The newest six additions to the Barry M Gelly line were released to Superdrug on Weds 27th August, having finally completed my Gelly collection a couple of months ago, I had to pick them up and keep the collection complete.  Superdrug had them on 3 for 2 so I got them all for just under £16.  Today's post features swatches of each of the six new shades plus a comparison to the closest polish in my stash.  All polishes in today's post were purchased by me, with the exception of the Beauty UK ones, these were previously provided for review.

All pictures are two coats, no top coat.  Application was good on all of these with one exception which I will mention further down.

First is Cardamom, a dusty green.

Cardamom was the first one of this collection to catch my eye, I love greens, teals and blues, so this was the one I liked the look of most.  I also thought it was very different to anything else I already owned.

For comparison I reached for two other dusty green shades, both from OPI: Jade is the New Black and Mermaid's Tears.  Looking at these side by side it would seem Cardamom and JITNB are similar, I wouldn't have believed this.  JITNB is definitely a little brighter, but in real life they are close, no dupes though.

Next is Mustard, an orangey yellowy full on mustard colour.  I love shades like this.

Although I love F-ugly colours, I don't have many creme finish polishes in this type of colour to compare, the nearest I had was Beauty UK Bon Bon, which in the bottle looked close, but on the nail it's obviously so much brighter.

Next is the shade I was a bit dubious about from the promo pictures I had seen, this is Chai.  I don't have many decent grey cremes, so I was quite glad to find this is a decent creme.

In the original pictures I thought Chai had a bit of an airforce blue leaning and that it may be very similar to Elderberry from the Summer 2014 Gelly releases, but actually it's nothing like.  I compared to Elderberry below.  I also compared to my other trusty grey creme, Beauty UK Slate (I bought this B.UK myself a few years ago) Slate is good, but can be sheer around the tip.  The comparison here is simple, no dupes.

Paprika is an unusual colour, it reminds me of Crayola Burnt Umber crayons from being a kid.  I never used them and had several in my pencil case for this very reason.  Now I look at this colour and think ooooh.  Paprika was the only one I had application issues with, I am not sure if this is because after all the acetone for the earlier pictures, I took a moment to oil and maybe oil was on my nail plate or if it was the formulation.  I pooled the cuticles on three nails, which is rare for me.

I have nothing at all like this at present to compare to, so the next photo is just another Paprika swatch!

I have mentioned several times on the blog that I am not a fan of red polishes.  Chilli is a red, but not as red as the name Chilli suggests, it's actually quite muted.  I think it's also very much a  muted Raspberry shade.

In the bottle Chilli looked fairly similar to a Beauty UK Mini I have from the Westend Girls Collection, and also to Nails Inc Holly Hill.  On the nail they were nothing alike as the picture below shows.

Finally the last Gelly is Cocoa, a deep brown shade, I would say with a hint of Raisin in there.

For comparison I used China Glaze Foie Gras (too milky) and another mini from the Beauty UK Westend Girls collection (too red on application.) Again no dupes.

All in all, the new shades are very appropriate for Autumn, a lot feel like they could be in a Chanel bottle.  The formulation is good, highly pigmented, so again these Gellys may be good for stamping - I haven't tried stamping with Gellys for a long time so can't really comment!

I think they are all welcome additions to my collection, my personal picks are Cardamom, Chai and Mustard, probably in that order.

What do you think?  Any you will be rushing out to buy?

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  1. Already have my order put in for these for when a blogger friend flies to the US. :)

  2. I can't wait to get my hands on these - these are all the colours that I wear in the autumn so it'll be nice to have them on my nails! All I've got to do is find them....

    1. Good luck with the hunt! I only have one superdrug relatively nearby so I fell lucky :)


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