Sunday, 10 August 2014

Beauty UK Matte top coat and Electric Blue swatches


Following on from yesterday's post about Beauty UK Ultra Gloss Top Coat, today I have a review of the Beauty UK Matte top coat, plus some swatches of a very special blue polish.

Retailing at £3.99, I thought this top coat may be a bargain find... Read on to find out more!
The matte top coat packaging has the folowing info on the back of it.

Matte top coats seem to be best over a shimmer polish, cremes can seem a bit flat.  I have a blue which I haven't worn for ages, Beauty UK Electric Blue (purchased by me) but have swatched eons ago before the light box and DSLR camera, so a reswatch seemed overdue.  This polish is special because after months of deciding and buying different polishes this s the one I wore on my wedding day, it was my something blue.

Pictures below are two coats of Electric Blue, without top coat.  Apologies for bad photoshopping and watermark in odd position over it, I had an ugly hangnail and cut on finger there.

I added the Beauty UK Matte top coat to all nails apart from my ring finger.  In the following photos my ring finger has Mentality Matte top coat, which has been my matte top coat of choice since last December.  As the pictures will show, there is no noticable difference between the two, which really surprised me. 

I painted my nails and had finished the top coat by 2pm yesterday,  I folded up the light box and put the tripod away after 20mins, no damage.  I sat and mooched on my phone on Facebook and Instagram until 3pm so that the matte had chance to dry.  

After an hour I went to the loo (no damage to nails) and got changed / did my hair and make up to go out to a bbq.  We went out at around 3.30pm and I shoved my purse, lip balm and phone into my jeans pockets without any nail issues.

We had to pop into Asda, so more shoving hands in and out of pockets happened and no damage at all.

Later on we got home, I showered (no nail issues) and went to bed wondering if it was as dry as I thought....

Yes it really was!  This next photo is taken with my phone and flash, so colour accuracy not as good here.

Dry time was very similar for both matte top coats used, although I think the Beauty UK may have just been a bit quicker than Mentality, maybe this is due to the Mentality being a bit older.   It is great to have a matte top coat available on the high street, I used to love the Rimmel matte top coat, but it was discontinued, Mentality is brilliant but only available online from one website within the UK so this comparable matte is a good alternative, £3.99 for 11ml.

The new nail care collection from Beauty UK which this is part of features
·         Speed Dry Base Coat Primes surface for an even finish that grips colour
·         Ultra Gloss Top Coat - Extreme gloss and brilliant shine
·         Matte Top Coat - Speed dry formula and extends the wear of nail polish
·         Black Diamond Hardener - Strengthens weak and fragile nails
·         5 in 1 Base & Top Coat - Contains 5 enriching vitamins and 5 plant extracts
·         Nail & Cuticle Conditioning Oil - Nourishes and restores natural moisture of the nail.

You can buy this from the Beauty UK website, the polishes shown are also available on the Beauty UK website, online at the Superdrug website and in store at Superdrug.

Top coat provided for review, Electric Blue purchased by me.

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  1. I have this matte sitting in my tray, waiting for some competitors for another challenge. Good to know I can expect good things!

    1. Certainly can, I loved the matte comparison you did recently, can't wait for the next one :)


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