Friday, 22 August 2014

Beauty UK Red Royale swatches and how I wore it.

Back in June I took part in a series of Guess the Polish posts with a giveaway linked to the launch of a new range of Beauty UK polishes described as "Perfect pigment, statement shine, no rival polish lasts like mine".  Today I have a polish from that new range to share, Red Royale with swatches and how I wore it.

I have used two coats of Red Royale in the pictures below, no top coat.  It is so glossy alone!  Apologies for the red middle finger, I had an eczema flare up again recently.  

This red has a gorgeous gold shimmer through it, I would have thought it not possible, but this is also a blue toned red!  Away from the intense day light bulbs of the light box, it is a deeper red.

This shimmery red is a great colour and possibly has just replaced OPI You Rock-a-pulco Red as my favourite red.  You Rock-a-pulco Red is black label OPI, hard to get hold of and stinks, so it's nice to have a more reasonably priced, easily available alternative, which doesn't smell like pure adhesive.  The application of this looked good in one coat, and whilst you may be able to get away with one coat, it definitely looked better after two - a deeper, fuller colour.  Clean up was easier than expected, for such a pigmented red I didn't end up with red cuticles 

So how did I wear Red Royale?  When I recently reviewed the Beauty UK Matte top coat, I mentioned that matte top coats work well with polishes with a shimmer.  With this having a shimmer, my first thought was how it look matte?!  So I wore it matte.

I applied this colour in the evening and added the matte top coat about two and a half hours before I went to bed.  The next day it was fine, no dents or sheet prints.  Three days I wore this, this is unspeakably long for me! It just had some slight wear at the tips, and the matte became more satiny, which is to be expected when exposed to oils on the skin plus cuticle oil and handcream.

Red Royale is from the Beauty UK flagship collection which boasts 22 statement shades of quick drying, long lasting, high gloss polishes.

The matte polish is from a new nail care collection by Beauty UK featuring
·         Speed Dry Base Coat Primes surface for an even finish that grips colour
·         Ultra Gloss Top Coat - Extreme gloss and brilliant shine
·         Matte Top Coat - Speed dry formula and extends the wear of nail polish
·         Black Diamond Hardener - Strengthens weak and fragile nails
·         5 in 1 Base & Top Coat - Contains 5 enriching vitamins and 5 plant extracts
·         Nail & Cuticle Conditioning Oil - Nourishes and restores natural moisture of the nail.

You can buy these products from the online via Beauty UK websiteSuperdrug website and in store at Superdrug, Internacionale and Select.

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