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Beauty UK Tealed With a Kiss and Purple Pizzazz swatches, review and how I wore them / tutorial

Today seems a picture heavy post as I have swatches AND how I wore x 3 plus a brief tutorial!  I have two polishes from the Beauty UK Nails collection which retail at £2.99, both cremes and we know I love a good creme polish!

Firstly Tealed with A Kiss, two coats, no top coat.  Thumb has three coats, I smudged it moving from breakfast bar to light box (3 steps!) the extra coat smoothed it out a treat.

TWaK is a gorgeous shade, possibly ever so slightly more green in real life.  I went on smoothly, is densely pigmented and is a real eye catching teal.  I had the smudge that I mentioned and an extra coat of TWaK sorted it out quickly and easily.  The shine the polish has is visible in the pictures, you can see the reflection in the gloss.   I think this colour may be quite similar to Barry M Guava but I haven't done a side by side comparison.  Price wise the Beauty UK is lower ml for ml, and I think I slightly prefer this over Guava because the formula isn't so thick.  TWaK is a very densly pigmented shade, so I would make sure I used a very good base coat, on the next photos with the purple shade I can still see remnants of TWaK as it stained my skin a little.

Next is Purple Pizzazz, a gorgeous blue toned purple, two coats, no top coat.

Purple Pizzazz is the answer to a question I didn't know I had, just a couple of weeks ago I was musing over a purple to use in this post, I recall groaning that my Barry M Gelly polishes were the wrong shade of purple, China Glaze Creative Fantasy was too thin and needs layering for opacity, but I had to use it anyway, I have Funky Dunkey but it seems too blue toned.  The best purple I had was a shimmer and didn't fit.  This shade is my holy grail purple!  Coverage was good in two coats, it looks a little streaky on the cuticles in the light box, but under normal lights it looked just fine.  No application issues.

How I wore these: There are three different looks.  In the first one I wore a base of Beauty UK Glam Polish in White - as a quick mention, this polish was originally opened in September when I was sent it as a press sample and is still a great formula, I have had OPI white polishes which need thinning several times through their lifespan.   I gave the white base a couple of minutes to dry then added cascading dots.

Photo one is how I intended to wear these colours, but I moved and caught my two flowered nails on the lightbox, ruined them beyond repair after taking this one and only photo - gutted as I totally loved the flowers!  I haven't tried gradient dots, but seeing this post by Roz made me want to have a go!

After removing the flowers, I just went with more dots!

The final "how I wore them" was also using Beauty UK Glam Polish in White and Gel FX in Pink Orchid (purchased by me).  The middle and ring fingers started out with a splodged base of TWaK, Purple Pizzazz and Pink Orchid, once dry I added a decal and got the multi coloured striped peeking through - the last couple of photos show how this was achieved.  I had intended to create a dry drag but the peek-a-boo stripes idea kept coming back to me so I went with it.

To create peek-a-boo decals (something I found out entirely by accident when trying to make dry drag decals) I would recommend using an older, less favourable stamper in case there is any damage, mine seems fine now though.  Paint a rectangle of polish on the stamper.  Using a fine dotting tool make lines in the polish, for some reason the stamper stops the polish pooling back together and leaves lines in the polish.  Avoid getting too near the edge of the rectangle as you need to be able to peel this off and holes at the edge will make it tricky.

Peel off the decal carefully, I peeled this one off below after only about 10mins, I ripped the edges a little, but it was still workable, and ideally it was still tacky enough to adhere to the nail easily.  Lay the decal over the base colour and you will have a peek through of colour.

Carefully add top coat, you want to avoid the type of top coat which may streak the polish and make the gaps disappear. Clean up.

I know you can achieve similar results by doing an "acid wash" and using acetone to remove a top colour leaving slices of the lower colours, but I haven't had any success with that technique, the decal method gave me greater control over how the stripes were placed and I wpuldn't have to remove all my polish to correct them if I made a mistake!

 I am looking forwards to trying peekaboo decals out with black polish over neons :)

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  1. I have these, they're fab colours, look great on your nails!


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