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Beauty UK Ultra Gloss Top Coat - Review.


I am forever looking out for a new top coat, ones I have tried include OPI Rapidry, Seche Vite, NYC Grand Central Station, KIKO Gel top coat, Poshe, a-england The Shield, Nails Inc Albert Bridge and most recently Glisten & Glow HK Girl.  All of the ones named have had both positive and negative features.  When a press release from Beauty UK came through about a new range of nail care products, I leapt at the chance to put the Ultra Gloss Top Coat and the Matte Top Coat to the test.  In today's post I am covering the Gloss Top Coat and intending to post tomorrow about the Matte Top Coat.

Retailing at £3.99, I thought this top coat may be a bargain find... Read on to find out more!

The info on the back of the packaging left me curious to see how well it would work, so I decided on a wear test.  Little did I know at that time just how much wear it would see - more on that before I show my 24hrs picture!  In order to test this I opted for a white base so I could see if there was any yellow tint when applying, bright colours to see about fading and to leave it on as long as I could to test wear time, plus use dots to see if there are any smudges.

The pictures below show my mani for the wear test: all Beauty UK, two coats of Glam Polish in White with dots added using Glam Polishes in Go Green and Lollipop plus Gel FX in Blue Himalayan.   I did this in my normal order: base, dots, clean up, topcoat.  I have found this usually allows long enough for dots to dry whilst avoiding dragging the dots and smudging polish.  I was surprised when I used Ultra Gloss, the formulation seems thinner than many top coats I have tried, it took some practice (on the Cinderella left hand!) to figure how much to use on the brush in order not to lift the white polish, but after a couple of nails I got it sussed and I was happy.


As you can see no dragging on the dots and great shine!




About 10 mins after applying the top coat I had taken the photos above and then carried out the first test by folding up the light box.  The polish stayed perfectly in place: no smudges, great stuff!!  

About an hour after applying the top coat I had a shower.  Any nail polish lover will know that depending on the top coat this can be a good idea or a bad idea which will end in wrinkled polish.  I was delighted to find my polish stayed in place, no wrinkles or smudges. 

Approxiately 2 and half hours after applying the top coat I went to bed.  This would be (what I thought!) the biggest tester of the topcoat.  Little did I know what would happen the next day!

The next day when I woke up my nails still felt smooth and looked shiny at arms length.  Closer examination showed hair imprints in all 10 nails, I do tend to sleep with a hand under my cheek and my finger tips in my hair. This next photo was taken on my phone at 7am, if you really look at the green and blue dots you can about see hair imprints, the polish looks textured!  It really needed close examination and I think if I wasn't constantly examining my nails throughout the day what happened next may have been avoided...

In a flash of genius (ahem!) I decided to add a fresh layer of topcoat before going to work, based on my experience of dry time the night before I thought it would be suitably dry before having to get in the car, do my seat belt etc.  I made sure I had done everything I needed to and was ready to leave the house, then reached for the top coat at 7.25am. 

I had just finished the last stroke of top coat when hubs announced the cat was heaving and about to throw up.  I screwed the bottle shut and found the cat sitting on an expensive, too large to wash, shaggy rug, heaving as he had eaten too quickly.  At this point hubby runs away up the stairs saying he was going to be sick himself if he witnessed it, the great big jessie!  I grabbed a fleecy snuggly blanket which was on the arm of the sofa and threw it in front of Lurch, I also grabbed the corner of the rug and turned it back (bearing in mind I had topcoated about 30 seconds beforehand, I expected this to be a disaster!) I then had to clear up the sick (heaving myself) before going to work.  This is where I was massively impressed, the top coat was more or less perfect still, the corner of my index finger had smudged off and there was some annoying green fleece particles stuck to the fresh polish, but apart from that there was minimal damage, athough the fine hair imprints were still visible on the green dots.

When we left home I examined the full extent of the "damage" on the way into work, I tried rubbing the fleece off but it had imbedded itself by then, however I was able to firmly rub at the polish applying the type of pressure which would cause polish which isn't dry to slide off the nail. 

When I got home, I got a 24hrs on photo.

Ems Little Corner

All in all I am quite impressed with this top coat for just how much it was able to take within such a short time of using it.  I would have liked it to be a solid enough dry to cope with sleeping, but it did only get hair imprints, it didn't smudge off whilst in bed or get sheet imprints.  It was able to cope with a lot of pressure a short time after using it as the cat event shows.  

It didn't cause any dragging on the nail art, any cracking on the side edges (Seche I am glaring at you for this!) any shrinkage (Seche!) and there were no bubbles.  It was a shiny top coat just as the Ultra Gloss name implies, the product didn't leave my nails feeling too thick and the drying time was reasonable and at a price of £3.99 for 11ml, I think it's not an unreasonable price-tag.  I think it would be a perfect "Sunday afternoon" topcoat, perfect for when I do my nails mid afternoon and it will have a lot of hours to fully dry before bed, but in those hours in between I need something which will protect my polish.  

The new nail care collection features
·         Speed Dry Base Coat Primes surface for an even finish that grips colour
·         Ultra Gloss Top Coat - Extreme gloss and brilliant shine
·         Matte Top Coat - Speed dry formula and extends the wear of nail polish
·         Black Diamond Hardener - Strengthens weak and fragile nails
·         5 in 1 Base & Top Coat - Contains 5 enriching vitamins and 5 plant extracts
·         Nail & Cuticle Conditioning Oil - Nourishes and restores natural moisture of the nail.

You can buy this from the Beauty UK website, the polishes shown are also available on the Beauty UK website, online at the Superdrug website and in store at Superdrug.

Top coat provided for review, polishes shown were previously provided for review.

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  1. Wow. Almost cat-hurk-proof topcoat. :) Duly impressed!

    1. Haha yep, almost cat hurk proof! I have used it a few times since as it causes no drag or shrinkage then topped it with a faster dry top coat which does usually cause drag and this has really helped.


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