Tuesday, 19 August 2014

BNB Colour Me Crazy Purple Reject

In my previous post I mentioned I had done the purple mani twice, this is the Colour me Crazy purple reject, the one I liked least.  Not much to say really, it too dull, stud placement wonky on the little finger, top coat wrinkling on ring finger (just like in the other post, old bottle of HK Girl which is almost empty.)

Oh and I didn't get my normal bottle photo, well I did but I think it got eaten by the photo gremlins.

I used a-england Guinevere, a dusty lilac.   I think it was the dustiness of the polish which seemed a bit dull and wintery.   The coral studs livened it up, these were from Born Pretty Store.  The chevron nails are done with NailStickrs and a-englands in Fonteyn, Princess Tears and Sleeping Palace for the gradient.
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