Monday, 4 August 2014

British Nail Bloggers Colour Me Crazy: Blue

My sea-coloured mermaid skittlette idea developed in my mind over a day, gradients and holo and micro holo gitter and studs... perfect for Colour Me Crazy Blue theme!

For my studded nails I used a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls then sponged the gradient using MBSW, China Glaze Kinetic Candy and OPI No Room For the Blues.  I topped this with China Glaze Fairy Dust, then added studs and sealed with two coats of HK Girl.  The scaled nails are a base gradient of holos - a-england Encore Margot and Color Clubs in Blue Heaven and Over the Moon.  I used Seche to dry these then used one of the NailStickr nail vinyls I won on their IG giveaway to sponge a gradient like I had done on the others. 

This last picture was taken outdoors in bright sunshine to capture the holos.

Ironically I did these on a Sunday afternoon, then later that day I was walking past the fish tank (hubs keeps tropical fish) and thought I saw rubbish in there, a closer look revealed it was a baby!  One of the Mollys had given birth.  Within an hour of that we had seven teeny weeny fish separated into a floating birthing tank within the normal tank - I'm a fish mummy!!!
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  1. This nails are so pretty! The colors paired with the holo is great. Congrats on being a fish mommy haha :D

  2. What a great manicure! I always wanted to do fish scale nails, using vinyls seems like a neat option!
    also I thought that fish births are a pretty rare thing!

  3. These are super cute! I love them! That gradient is gorgeous!

  4. This is really pretty! Congrats on the fish babies :-D

  5. These are gorgeous! And congratulations on becoming a fish momma x


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