Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Dollish Polish Expecto Patronum & Watermarble

I had been toying with the idea of combining Dollish Polish Expecto Patronum with white and teal, but wasn't quite sure what to do with the white and teal nails.  Somehow we ended up with a water marble!  Instagram user LamLam posted a mani using Execto Patronum on her middle and ring fingers and a teal on her index and little fingers which reminded me I had sent myself an email a week before to combine these colours.

I started out with all nails painted white,one coat of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  Then I added two coats of Dollish Polish Expecto Patronum.  The water marble was OPI Can't Find my Czechbook and Barry M Matt White as I know they work well for marbling.

The marbled nails chipped by 10am the following day :(
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  1. I love the pastel blue shades and the marble is great! I still need to practice water marbling :D great job xx

  2. These are lovely! I really like that glitter (:

  3. Love these! Must have been gutted that the water marble chipped. These are so pretty x

  4. Those colors play so well together! Shame about the chipping, because the water marble is so pretty!


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