Friday, 15 August 2014

eve snow swatches & review of Maggie and Alter Ego

I am really excited about today's review, today I have some swatches of a new (to me) luxury brand of nail polish, eve snow.  The brand first hit the UK market last year and is created by Yvette Snowden.  Polishes in the range are free from formaldehyde and DBP plus feature a "3 added" statement, a declaration of the additions of  Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin E and Argan Oil.  The brand is cruelty free and their website declares their polishes to be "highly pigmented with a higher percentage of colour solution than other nail polishes."  I was definitely intrigued to find out more.

As a luxury brand with bespoke packaging, I really liked the way these polishes were packaged! The stiff box with the branding on the outside and the polishes in their slip covers make it feel like you are unwrapping a gift.

I have two polishes for review, the blue on the left is called Maggie and the duochrome on the right is called Alter Ego. 

The bottles are square (my favourite as they nestle so neatly into a helmer!) and have a square lid or the option to remove the outer cap and use a smaller round inner cap.  I know this is something offered by other brands such as Chanel (not that I have any of them!) and Butter London.  Initially I sat tugging at the lids wondering why they wouldn't come off, then read the site properly and saw you turn them clockwise and they come off, sure enough, they did!!

The eve snow brush is a flat, wide brush.  I tried to get a side by side comparison with the OPI ProWide brush below, it's a little blurry, but you can see the length of the brush is the same as the OPI, however the brush is actually slightly wider.  I like the ProWide brush as it covers my nails well and I rarely need to do clean up, so this really pleased me. 

opi brush on the left, eve snow brush on the right

The first polish I have swatches of is Maggie.  Maggie is a very "me" colour, if hubs had to go out and pick a colour for me, this would be it.  I have quite a few cremes in this general family, my favourites are China Glaze Sunday Funday and OPI Ogre the top Blue.  Maggie has a little extra on them though, Maggie isn't a full creme finish, nor is she a shimmer.  She has micro flecks of silver, a hidden depth.

The photos below are two coats of Maggie, no base or top coat used.

Maggie was a dream to apply, the formula seemed quite thick and was definitely densely pigmented, which I like.  Maggie went on almost perfectly in one coat, although I needed a second just to even out a little.  The wide brush gave me the type of application I love, very little clean up was needed.  I think the brush may not be everyone's cup of tea, for example anyone who likes the long skinny brushes from China Glaze will hate it.  I recall when OPI changed to their ProWide it took me a while to get used to it, but now I love it.  One amazing thing I found with Maggie was the dry time.  I needed to charge my camera before I could take the photos so I was wearing it a while.  After 10 mins my nails felt touch dry and after half an hour I found myself absent mindedly rubbing the polish, pressing on firmly - good thing it was dry or I would have been touching up before photographing!  Normally to be dry in that time I need a fast dry top coat, so with my holy grail top coat hunt continuing, I would love to try the top coat from eve snow and see how fast it works!

The next polish I have is Alter Ego, a foil duochrome which moves between pink and purple with a hint of gold tucked in there.  This polish looks to be a lilac in a blackened base.  I found the formula of Alter Ego slightly thinner than Maggie, and I had a little more clean up as I flooded my cuticle on my ring finger.  I also managed to get a little drag on my little finger.  Alter Ego in the bottle looks like a tamer version of Girly Bits Wave the Sails, which is a full on intense duochrome.  I sat the bottles side by side and the same colours are there.

For the pictures below I used three coats on my fingers, no base or top coats, my thumb has one coat over black, as I have found previously this can help make a colour "pop" more.

duochrome nail polish

duochrome nail polish


duochrome nail polish

Alter Ego sat at a blue colour mostly whilst outside of the light box, in normal, evening lighting.  As soon as the more intense day light bulbs in the light box were around, the lilac blue became stronger and in the last photo more purple came through.   I mentioned before that this is colour is similar to a Girly Bits polish I have, one thing this doesn't share is the really brush strokey nature Wave the Sails has.  I would have liked to have got away with just two coats of Alter Ego, but seeing how well it covered my thumb in one coat, I think you could probably layer one coat over a base colour to avoid too many coats.

All in all, I really like the two polishes I have tried.  Opium, LBD and the top coat will be going on my wish list for sure as a good pigmented black and white are something I will use all the time, plus there are a lot of gorgeous pastels which I would love to try.

I think if I was looking for a negative (and really being picky here!) the bottle size is 10ml, I love bigger bottles of polish as there is more to get through! Hahaha, but who am I kidding? When did I last finish a bottle? If you discount my a-england black and my OPI white which I use in almost every nail art I do, I have never finished a bottle! 

eve snow can be purchased direct from the eve snow website, from Boots website plus Amazon themselves sell them (free super saver delivery!) and they are also available in store at Fenwicks and at selected Boots, the price is £14 for 10ml.  The range will be launched in US & Canada soon so keep and eye out! 

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  1. These are so pretty and both are something I would own gorgeous. I prefer alter ego without the black base I don't know why but both look yum

    1. I think without black, more lilac comes through. They certainly are gorgeous Roz, application was a delight :)


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