Sunday, 17 August 2014

#fightforlightandlive : depression awareness green nails.

"Depressed" is a word that I feel has become a part of everyday language.  Kids use the phrase "I am feeling depressed" without any idea of what depression really is.  A black cloud looming overhead, without necessarily any reasons why.  Wanting to sleep for hours and still waking up exhausted, then wanting to sleep some more.  No appetite.  Physical symptoms which have no cause.  Numbness and feeling detatched.  Withdrawing into yourself.

Today's nails are part of #fightforlightandlive which I saw on Instagram following the recent news of Robin Williams' suicide.  The tragedy seems to have struck a chord with many people, I guess because you would think with his fame and wealth that he would have access to top specialists and help, and not reach a low of seeing only one way out.

My greens are Sally Hansen polishes in Green Tea and Fairy Teal.  My gold glitter is piCture pOlish Rocky and the golden green toned accent is a-england Princess Sabra.  1.5mm studs used are from She Sells Sea Shells.  Top coat is Duri Brush N Go.

Something I don't really discuss all that much is about a time when I was 17, I can more or less pin point everything down to starting in January 1996. All those symptoms I mentioned in the first paragraph and more came over me.  I had stomach pains and was convinced I was going to die from them, every night I went to bed convinced I wouldn't wake up in the morning.  I saw the GP every week, but the doctors didn't take me seriously either "none specific flu like illness" they said.  Looking back now, I had a text book case of depression, I first realised this when I read something about depression in my early 20s.  If a doctor had told me I was depressed I probably would have laughed at them and not believed it anyway.  I dunno what happened, maybe it was seasonally induced, maybe things changed, maybe it was a type of teenage angst, but by the start of May that year I felt everything start to change and the horrible headaches and constant exhaustion went away, the stormy black cloud has never come back and I certainly hope it never will return.

RIP Robin.

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  1. Oh there's Rocky again, looking all cool. These are beautiful. Thank for you participating in this.

  2. I'm so happy for you that the "dark cloud" has not returned, and I hope that it never will, and I hope that people will see this post and educate themselves - so many suffer in silence, but it helps to know that we are not alone.


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