Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Liz Earle Ebb Tide and Pink Perpetue swatches and how I wore them

Today I have swatches of two polishes from Liz Earle, Ebb Tide and Pink Perpetue.  I should also be showing a "how I wore it" set of photos, but the camera decided to eat them :/  I do have a description though!!

I have been a huge fan of Liz Earle for many years, I used to religiously watch her shows on QVC and would even Sky+ them if I was at work!  As a range it was probably the first real skin care range I got into in my early 20s, I did experiment with other QVC brands, but kept coming back to Liz Earle, one of the few ranges which didn't cause me any type of skin reactions.  The "newer" additions to the Liz Earle Family have been make up and nail polish collections, I have two to try out.  Liz Earle polishes are enriched with avocado and borage oils and free from toluene.

Firstly I have swatches of "Ebb Tide" which described as "An elegant muted mushroom with a soft hint of mauve. Very versatile."  Pictures below are two coats, no top coat.

I found Ebb Tide quite a thick formula, it didn't self level amazingly well for me - I can see a bulge on my ring finger.  I do like this colour though: perfect for Autumn, work appropriate and looks yummy enough to eat.  It has an amazing shine, especially as it has no top coat!  This type of polish would be perfect for someone with just a couple of polishes as a go to, subtle creme or for someone with a bigger collection (ahem, 600ish....) as a palette cleanser and perfect neutral.

The second colour I have is Pink Perpetue, this bright pink is described on the Liz Earle website as "our definitive hot pink. A beautiful, statement-making shade."  I have two coats, no top coat here.

Pink Perpetue was a dream to use, highly pigmented, glossy, shiny colour, bold and bright, not as thicker formula as Ebb Tide.  I would describe this as a classic, glossy pink, it would suit a lot of skin tones and a lot of age groups.  I totally fell in love with this colour from the moment the first coat went on!

Ok, so as for how I wore these polishes: I did have a full set of four more photos which showed a base of Ebb Tide on all fingers.  I had 3mm triangular silver studs on my little finger, index finger and thumb.  My ring and middle fingers has an Argyle design, with diamonds of Pink Perpetue painted on with a striping brush and the accent stripe colour was a silver to match the studs.  They looked fab.  I will update the post if I find them from where-ever the camera hid them!

My thoughts on the polishes I tried: the two colours are both classic, creme finishes.  The full collection of Liz Earle nail polishes appears to be a lot of very good colours, easy to wear, creme finishes, a capsule collection of polishes.  There may not be any neons or glitters, but I think the range will appeal to a wide range of age groups.  The high gloss finish and dry times are great.  I didn't get chance to do a wear test, so I am unable to comment on how long they will last, the Liz Earle site describes them as looking good for up to 12 days.  I did have an issue with the tall bottle shape, I am not the most coordinated of people, often my polish bottles end up with a streak down the outside of them when I miss the neck of the bottle and put the brush down the outside.  I did this with Pink Perpetue and knocked it over!  I managed to get the bottle back upright before polish spilled out over the counter, but for the coordination challenged I would have preferred a different shape bottle, shorter and fatter with a lower centre of gravity so it doesn't fall over as easily.  Apart from a moan about the bottle shape, I have no real issues with these, I can easily add a couple of drops of Seche Restore to Ebb Tide and make it a little thinner.

Liz Earle nail products have the Vegan Society approved leaping bunny rabbit on them, the bottles are tall and thin, holding 12ml, they retail at £7.50.  You can find them online at the Liz Earle website and there is also a full list of stockists on the website.
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  1. Check your my docs folder sometimes my computer will hide my photos there, love the colours especially the pink


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