Sunday, 24 August 2014

piCture pOlish Time Warp swatch and skittlette

Anyone who gets to see my Facebook updates (with Facebook pushing for pages to pay to be seen this probably means just a quarter of people will see them) may have seen an excited update from me a couple of weeks ago when I had just seen that I won the whole Rocky Horror Collection.  When they arrived, Time Warp was the first polish I wanted to try!

Time Warp is a gorgeous blackened navy, click to enlarge and see the micro glitters sparkling.  These pictures are two coats, no top coat.  It was almost perfect in one coat and I think I could have got away with just the one coat if I had known and been more careful in my application.

I wanted to combine the navy with some silver accents, so I added studs and then tried to use my shiny silver chevron stickers from NailStickrs, but it just wasn''t working, so instead I used normal chevron vinyls also by NailStickrs and sponged over them using a-england Excalibur.  The next picture is with HK Girl. 

I wore this for two days.  Removal was only fractionally harder than normal polish removal, the microglitters in Time Warp didn't cause any problem. The pigmentation of the polish meant I needed to use three cotton wool pads across both hands where normally I can get away with two, I might have managed with two but I would have got inky fingers!
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