Friday, 1 August 2014

SpaRitual Pastel Skittlette

**press samples**

Today's skittlette was one of those ideas which came to me in a random moment and I made a point of emailing myself to ensure I didn't forget as the pastel nature of these colours by SpaRitual work together so well for this.

The studs looked fine on my hands, but as soon as I saw these pictures I was soooo annoyed by the wonky line I created!!

I started out with a base of Protein Boost, I am back to loving this strengthener after finding a bottle I bought last October and forgot about when I started using Duri.  I used two coats of Uncomplicated on all nails.  To speed drying time I added Seche Vite to my middle and ring finger, then placed the studs to my other nails.  I added a lilac even though I wasn't using a lilac polish as it seemed to "go."  Once my Seche'd nails were dry enough, I used NailStickr Nail Vinyls in my favourite zigzag chevron design and sponged over them with Delight (mint green) and Magnify (pink) somehow they created a hint of lilac when the blended!  I finished off with two coats of HK Girl.

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  1. fab! I can't see any wonky stud lines at all, this colour looks like a nice caramel colour

  2. Love the combination of the pastels against nude. And it looks straight to me! We're all our own worst critics x

  3. Ugh I hate it when it looks straight with your eyes and then the camera finds the wobbly bits!! However it's super cute and not that far off really!


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