Friday, 19 September 2014

British Nail Blogger Colour Me Crazy - Complimentary.


For complimentary, I have opted to use blue with complimenting gold accents as whilst it contrasts it also compliments amazingly well.  I thought I had posted this earlier in the week.

This was done when my eczema was mid flare up after the bleeding rubber gloves split when washing the pots and my skin came into contact with the detergent.

I used Baker Street by Nails Inc, topped with piCture pOlish Rocky on my thumb, with 1.5mm gold studs from SheSellsSeaShells, gold tape on my middle fingers which reminded me of Adidas tracky bottoms, the chevron is a base of Cirque Ica Valley, I used NailStickrs chevrons on my ring finger.

I loved this once I had sorted my middle finger nail out, the tape was just a smidge too long on one side.

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1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous color combo. It's classy and sporty at the same time.


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