Sunday, 7 September 2014

China Glaze Pink Voltage swatches and how I wore it.

Following on from my previous post in August featuring China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, today I have a further post featuring the other polishes I won in a Facebook like and share giveaway from  

Firstly I have some swatches of Pink Voltage, a hot neon pink.  In the pictures below I have two coats on some nails, three on a couple of others. I had a quite visible nail line on my ring finger so I needed an extra coat there.  There was no need for white undies, although maybe I could have got away with less coats if I had?  No top coat in the pictures below, like FFF this also is a neon with a matte finish.

And how did I wear it?  I added a coat of the third polish which made up my prize: China Glaze Glimmer More.  Glimmer more was a nice glitter to use, spreading evenly, not dragging at the base colour, no real dabbing needed.

The pictures below are with Duri Brush N Go topcoat.

This combo wore really well, especially as I decided to file a couple of mm off my length whilst wearing this - my nails had reached a point that the tip of my index finger was catching under the keys on my keyboard at work and it gives me the chills when that happens!  There was no significant chipping or lifting even after filing and 24hrs wear.

Removal was the biggest PITA I have had in a long time - why?  Because I had run out of cotton wool pads AND tin foil, so I had no chance of soaking off.  I didn't realise this, so failed to use a peel off base.  I had to use kitchen roll to get this off, the brand which is the  "housewife's favourite" and can stand up to any challenge Brenda and Audrey throw at it?  Juan Sheet and you are done?  Yep maybe for spills and cleaning on the kitchen sides, but it certainly gives up the ghost when facing a glitter polish!!  There was shredded kitchen roll everywhere and it took almost a half hour of scrubbing to clean up all 10 nails.  I ended up  rubbing until the kitchen roll shredded then having to scrape glitter off my nails, then clean up the gunky polish from underneath the glitter.  Glitter and mess everywhere!  Next time I use this glitter I will check we have both foil and cotton wool pads in the house first!!

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  1. Ew! Cleanup sounds horrid! That looks lovely with Glimmer More though. I have that and like it, but never know what to do with it!

    Next time - try adding a fresh coat of topcoat (especially if you have Seche as it sort of melts the layer underneath temporarily) and then immediately wiping with tissue - you may be able to pull almost everything off if you do it quickly.


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