Friday, 5 September 2014

Duri Brush N Go Top Coat review.

I have recently been mentioning holy grail top coats and how I am looking for the "perfect" one for me.  Today I have finally got to putting together my review of Duri Brush n Go.

The nails in this post had one coat of Duri Brush N Go so I could see how it worked.

This mani was planned out to have several things going on.  I used a white polish so I could see if there was any yellowing.  I had studs so I could see how they wore with just one coat of Duri.  I had dots so I could see if it caused streaking.  I was looking out for cracking on the edges, shrinkage at the tips, general drying time and how well it wore.

I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, dots are Beauty UK Soft Green (sample) Barry M Indigo, OPI No Room for the Blues, Catrice The Pinky and The Brain.  The studs are from Born Pretty Store* and were previously provided for review.

The first impression I had was a failure: dragging - see how the purple streaked over the nail?  I initially wrote this off as I had originally used China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and decided last minute it didn't fit the colours, so replaced it with Barry M Indigo.  Then I topcoated straight away.  When I dot, my general routine is to clean up before top coating to allow time for the dots to dry a little and avoid streaking.  I have found in subsequent uses that this top coat does cause streaks when used over any type of nail art.

Dry time was excellent - within 10mins of top coating, I realised I had left the work clothes in the washing machine and needed to put them on a clothes horse.  No damage.  I showered within 40mins of applying the top coat.  No damage.  Bed within two hours, it stayed firm, no sheet prints or hair imprints.

There was no bubbling.

There was no shrinkage.

There was no cracking on the sidewall.

There was no yellowing on the white, the colour stayed true.

The studs stayed firm even after 24hrs and just one coat of top coat.

Nails remained glossy and didn't dull.

The pictures below show just one chip which happened on my index finger, I'm not sure if this is a polish chip or due to an issue with that part of my nail, there's a weakness there and I am sure it will break off very shortly, it's an area where a lot of my polish has been chipping recently and when I am changing polish there's a small line, possibly a crack which hasn't fully developed.

I think Duri Brush N Go is a new favourite top coat for plain polishes!  It certainly wears well, keeps colours true and doesn't cause cracking which is my biggest bug bear!

I have found that when I am wearing any type of dots, stamping or use nail vinyls I can avoid the drag by using a top coat which doesn't drag, but doesn't dry solidly quite as quickly, then topping it with Duri.  Still kind of defeats the object to have to use two top coats!  I will persist though until this bottle is used up, then I won't have nail polish guilt opening a new bottle of something else before this is used up!

Duri Brush N Go Fast Dry Top Coat* purchased by me from Amazon.

*affiliate link

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