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R&R Lacquers Don't Cross the Streams collection swatchest and review.

Today I have some swatches of a couple of polishes from a forthcoming Hallowe'en collection by R&R Lacquers, the collection is named Don't Cross the Streams and has a Ghostbusters theme.  I will openly admit at this point that despite being of an age where I am old enough to have been around when this film was new, I actually have never watched it fully.... I have seen bits of it though, I even tried watching it last week when I was at home, sick with all kinds of horrible germs.  I actually fell asleep on the sofa whilst it was on and missed most of it (again!)

I have been sent three polishes for review, pictured below L-R they are I Ain't Afraid of no Ghost, Stay Puft and green glow in the dark top coat.

One small detail I totally loved about these 5ml bottles was that no matter which order I lined the bottles up, I could always get a perfect R&R Lacquers logo!

Quick mention about my extreme nubs, a full post is coming soon explaining why my nails have shrunk, I do still have a couple of posts with my ideal length nails to come throuh before nubbs make a full return!

The first polish today is Stay Puft, a white jelly base containing matte red and blue hex shaped glitters and red fire holo circular glitters.  I applied one coat of Stay Puft over one coat of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, pictures below show this polish with top coat.

I used a white base with Stay Puft as my smile lines are still a bit wonky and uneven so I thought an opaque finish would be best, I am not sure how many coats you would need to get this fully opaque.  It did a good job of evening out the streaky patches I had on the white base though!  I found the white glitters were plentiful and only needed to fish slightly to get the blue and red glitters.  The glitters lay flat and smoothed easily with one coat of top coat.  I have mentioned in the past I am not a huge glitter fan, but this one was easy to work with, so I will use this again happily (R&R have the best and easiest to place glitters I have experienced from an indie, not that I'm biased, but I totally love these girls!)

Next I have the green glow in the dark top coat.  Each purchaser of Stay Puft will receive a free 5ml glow in the dark top coat and can choose from blue or green, this is the green.   I have layered one coat of this glow in the dark over Barry M Chai and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as an accent.  I didn't use topcoat with this as I liked the slightly textured grainy finish this leaves.

I used a white accent nail to show how this top coat applies clear and doesn't change your base colour.  When you charge it then there may be a slight green tint to your nails in normal light, then of course the obvious green that you can see in the final picture.  This top coat went on easily and wasn't too thick.  To get the photos I turned all the lights out and kept one of my daylight lamps I use with the light box on, put my hand directly in front of it for about 30 seconds, then turned it out and took the photo.  The glow lasted for a while, I didn't pay attention to how long it glowed (bad blogger!) but it was certainly longer than I expected: I was waving to hubs from the kitchen after I had taken my photos and it was still glowing!  I was surprised to see that the white base glowed brighter than the grey base, this is probably an obvious scientific thing but it didn't occur to me it would be so much brighter....

The final polish, saving the best for last in my opinion, is I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost - got the song in your head yet?  I've been humming it whilst typing since I first wrote it above...  I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost has a blue glow in the dark base, teeny iridescent turquiose glitters, bigger turquiose glitters and white squares and hexes.  I applied one coat of this over Barry M Cardamom.  Pictures below are with topcoat. 

I totally love this glitter topper!  Me, the one who says I don't like glitters... I found it my perfect balance of each element, no fishing or dabbing needed.  I love the blue glow it has too.  It's just so delicate and amaze-balls.

With Halloween manis in mind I can already see the glow in the dark top coat being useful, I think the other two are much more versatile than only being Halloween polishes, which is awesome!

R&R Lacquers can be purchased from their Etsy store, the Don't Cross the Streams collection will be available from Weds 1st October at 9pm, also be sure to check out their Facebook page for updates!

With Halloween in mind, two earlier polishes from R&R Lacquers could also make useful bases or accents, I didn't have time to reswatch them so these pictures are from my previous review of the Assemble collection.

Romanov is black with orange to green duochrome glitters, orange and black is sooo Halloween!!!

Smash! is green with fuschia hexes and whilst this was themed after Hulk, you may be able to use it in Frankenstein manis.

The press samples within this post were the three Don't Cross the Streams polishes and the top coat I used over them, the previous R&R polishes from Assemble collection and the Barry M / OPI bases were all purchased by me. 

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