Thursday, 11 September 2014

Rica Glossy Glam review

Today's post is another update on my holy grail top coat hunt.  Today I have a review of Rica Glossy Glam and a wear test from the bank holiday weekend in August.  I have been wanting Glossy Glam for ages, but there were only a few stores stocking it which sold internationally and they were out of order each time I checked.  One night I randomly checked the Rica Etsy store and saw that international shipping was now available and Glossy Glam was in stock!  Firstly I will show my how I wore it photos.


To test a top coat this type of mani is perfect, a) I can stand to look at it for a few days, b) there are dots, so I can see if it streaks them, c) glitter can take a bit longer to dry so I can see the wear time, d) the creme finish means I can easily see any cracking on the sidewalls, if it causes this and e) how well will the studs stay on.

I used a-england Camelot, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Barry M Grapefruit and a-england Merlin layered over Excalibur.  The 1.5mm silver studs are from She Sells Sea Shells.  I added one coat of Rica Glossy Glam. 




No streaking on the dots, yay!

Dry time was good, within 10mins I could touch my nails firmly without leaving any marks, I did think it would dent if I applied pressure with the tip of a nail into the polish, but I don't often do this!

I was able to shower within an hour and there was no damage, when I went to bed they were fine, no dents, wrinkles or imprints.

And how did it wear? (next photos are from my phone)

 I had worn this mani for a full 48hrs, one day at work, the other at home, dealing with a shopping delivery from Tesco's and a mountain of dishes.

The picture above shows my careless application, I didn't go all the way to the side wall.  If I had done this with Seche I would have had a big gap down to the nail there, rather than just a line.

After the third day I had done a massive clean up, hands in and out of water, there is tip wear, but I can cope with this at three days.

The studs were all in place on my right hand, I had lost one on my left hand.  I rarely wear polish for 48hrs, so I was very happy with the overall performance of the top coat.  

I had an Etsy gift voucher for £5 off and ended up ordering three bottles of Glossy Glam.   I paid £4.31 per bottle and £8.61 shipping, after the voucher it came to £16.54.  I ordered at around 8pm UK time on a Friday evening, the following Thursday I had my three very well packaged bottles.

Good value, huge 16.5ml bottles and quick delivery!  For now I think I may have found a top coat I will stick with.

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  1. I'm curious about this top coat as well, I have been using HK Girl top coat for over a year now. I do like that top coat, except it does go gloopy after a while.

  2. This is my favourite top coat so am happy to hear she now ships internationally. Thanks for the heads up x

  3. Looks great! I tried Glossy Glam and it absolutely will not dry for me, I end up using it over another fast dry top coat and it gives it more shine. I think I am the exception though.

  4. I just bought a bottle while ordering some other of her polishes - still haven't used it but after reading your review Emma, I sure have to now :D


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