Tuesday, 7 October 2014

New Nail Shape (if you hate it, don't worry, it's already gone!)

Today's post is more to explain why I have got nubbins in the next few posts, than to show off a polish or any nail art.

This first picture was part of the going going gone stages, on the Friday when I filed my nails as part of the change in shape.  Slightly more rounded.  It felt a lot rounded actually as I am used to square.

On the Saturday I "went for it" and aimed at full pointy claw shapes.

I loved the look of my fingers from the back, seeing the points.

But then I did this... and hated it!

Bonus shots of when I tried a classic deep burgundy glitter, the polish in the next couple of pictures is Pretty Serious Bloody Bride.

Awful phone picture.

I intended trying this shape for a week, but hated it and by day three I took my nail file to them....

Now I have extreme nubs, but they're nails, they will grow back (and be kept square!!)

The first week of extreme nubs saw me wearing lots of nudes and subtle colours, I recently ordered from MeiMei Signatures for the first time, I got Pretty & Polished Pretty v2.0 which is a gorgeous nude with gold glitter and holo through it.

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