Saturday, 25 October 2014

The post which almost wasn't....

The post which almost wasn't... these photos make this mani look so boring.  I almost didn't publish them.  Excuse the wrinkled index finger, this was done when I had a streaming cold and I had a sneezing fit before the top coat was dry...

I recently purchased a few nail vinyls from She Sells Sea Shells and added the water decals to my order as I thought they could make a great accent.  I didn't think my short nails not being long enough to be able to show the floral design off!  The 1.5mm studs are also from She Sells Sea Shells.


I used a-england Her Rose Adagio as a base for Polished by KPT Plumeria because alone, Plumeria seems pretty sheer when warm.    There is a bit more colour when cool as Plumeria turns more pink!

The other reason I disliked this mani when looking back was that I was wearing this when hubs got took into hospital and I saw it enough when sitting in A&E!
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  1. I don't found it boring, it looks simple and classy to me.


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