Friday, 14 November 2014

MoYou Nails 122, 123 and Persian Turquoise Stamping polish.

This review has taken a while to get written up, I've had these since October, but with all the illnesses in the family and visiting hospitals now is the first chance I have had to write this review.  

I previously reviewed some MoYou Nails stamping plates and polishes in May, during that review I commented about how I would love to try out full nail images, today I have my chance!  For today's review I have stamping plates MoYou 122 and MoYou 123 and Persian Turquoise Stamping polish each of these retail at £4.99.  I was previously provided a stamper and scraper.  I have found the MoYou Nails Stamper to be my favourite since I tried it, not as soft as my squishy and not as hard as my Konad, meaning I manage to get the best of both options whenever I stamp.

I got carried away and tried the plate on the right above, before photographing it!  The plates were in small plastic envelopes for retail display, I removed them to get a better picture.

I love the little envelope the plates were in when they arrived.

The plate on the left above is 122, the one on the right is 123.

I fully intend to incorporate these images into future manis, for now I am showing the designs one per nail to show how they transfer and the coverage of stamping polish plus sharing my thoughts on the plates.

Firstly plate 122.  I used this over a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls topped with Sunday Rose from Polished by KPT, a white/pink thermal.  The images on plate 122 are the type I will use time and time again as they don't require perfect placement, I could get away with being slight wonky :)

Had to put my hands under cold water to get the thermal effect below, the turquoise polish looks even better over the pink!

Image plate 122 has some very fine designs, like the one on my ring finger, they are etched perfectly and the images pick up and transfer to the nail really well.

For image plate 123, the Cinderella left hand is doing some work! I used a darker base on this hand, Mentality Medicate.  The green isn't quite as bold over this particular green, but it really worked.

I had a tougher time with the stamping images above, I think it was because the heating was on and where I sit is right near the radiator, the polish was drying quickly.  The geometric pattern on my thumb and index finger was the design I liked most on this plate.

My first impressions of the MoYou Nails plates is just how well the designs are placed on the plate to ensure the individual images are quite large, whilst the round discs are no larger than any other plate.  In the picture below you can see the images from these plates and a comparison to some of the other plates I had on hand.

Image sizes are:

MoYou Nails W: 1.8cm H:2.0cm
Red Angel    W: 1.4cm H: 1.8cm
BM              W: 1.5cm H: 1.8cm
Konad         W: 1.4cm H: 1.6cm
Cheeky        W: 1.5cm H 1.8cm
Pueen         W: 1.5cm H 1.9cm

As the numbers above show, MoYou Nails images are a generous width and height, their width is as tall as some of the smaller images.  I don't have particularly wide nails, but I do find some of the smaller image plates mean you have less room for wonky placement.

I really like the full nail designs, the quality of the image transfer is excellent, the sizes are generous, the stamping polish is excellent and there is a good range of colours to chose from.

This products shown were sent for review in exchange for an honest review.
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  1. I have been quite impressed with the MoYou stuff. Have you tested the turquoise over black yet?

    1. Not over black yet Ali, I intended to do a half and half black /white base but never got chance. I remember seeing your review of these plates and loving them


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