Thursday, 6 November 2014

Smitten To Me You are Perfect / Out of the Darkness comparison

In my last post I mentioned being Smitten by Smittens, here are two more I recently added to my stash.  Out of the Darkness was a charity release with a donation in memory of Robin Williams.  To Me, You are Perfect was one I managed to get from my polish dealer (LOL!!) a trusty source I cheekily approached asking if she had any to sell!

Side by side I thought I had ended up with two the same.

In normal light To Me, You are Perfect glows more teal than pink.  On a swatch stick it seemed the two are different, OotD is in a tinted base, two coats gives full coverage.  TMYAP is in a very sheer tinted base.  I was already wearing BiFrost, the deep navy blue holo seemed a good possible base to layer over.  In these pictures I have two coats of each over BiFrost, top coated with Duri Brush N Go.

From this first photo above, there's a clear difference, OOTD is more blue / pink whilst TMYAP is more green / purple.

In direct light (the over exposed photo above where I shone the daylight lamp straight on my hand) the differences reduce somewhat, but both are shimmery and gorgeous and I love them!  Clean up and removal is a little harder than a creme finish, but nothing like an annoying chunky glitter.
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